EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: A royal no-show on Falklands Liberation Day

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: A royal no-show at Falklands Liberation Day memorial

Ten royals attended Ascot’s opening day but none were free to mark the concurrent 40th anniversary of Falklands Liberation Day at Staffordshire’s National Memorial Arboretum. 

The memorial lists the names of those killed on both sides during the conflict. As a mark of respect all holders of the South Atlantic Medal – issued to mark the 1982 conflict – have now been awarded the Freedom of the Falkland Islands, including Prince Andrew. 

Perhaps Air Commodore Nigel Phillips, current governor of the remote outpost, might take early retirement giving Freeman Andrew an opportunity to return to the South Atlantic in an official role far from public view.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L) lays a wreath at the Drumhead before addressing veterans and family members during a memorial event to mark the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War at The National Memorial Arboretum on June 14, 2022

Widely condemned for endorsing Putin’s war, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill seems to have one friend in the Archbishop of Canterbury. Justin Welby appears to have condemned the sanctions against the patriarch, suggesting that they support the narrative that the Ukraine war is a defensive fight for the survival of Russia.

In a letter to The Times, the Rev Canon Malcolm Rogers – the archbishop’s diplomatic representative to Kirill – writes: ‘Unfortunately this is being portrayed here in Moscow as a UK attack on Russian culture and people, and another reason to justify sending soldiers to Ukraine.’

Rachel Johnson, pictured, asked ‘adoring’ Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries what she sees in Boris Johnson when she gazes at him in the chamber. 

Dorries said: ‘I don’t fancy your brother – not a bit… I think he knows.’ 

Rachel replied: ‘He’ll be gutted.’

Rachel Johnson poses for a photograph at the Cheltenham Literature Festival

BBC defector Jon Sopel, confirming that he was offered Laura Kuenssberg’s political editor job, tells the Media Society: ‘I was really flattered to be asked and appreciated the trust the big cheeses at the BBC had in me to do the job after Laura.’ 

Describing himself and fellow Global recruit Emily Maitlis as two small BBC sandcastles swept away by the tide and soon forgotten, he adds: ‘I spoke to one or two people who I confided in and they said to me, ‘I would not wish that job on my worst enemy.’ Didn’t anyone bother to tell Laura’s replacement Chris Mason?

After welcoming talks with Greece to share the Elgin Marbles, might British Museum chairman George Osborne now consider handing back other antiquities? 

For the museum also possesses precious treasures from the Tomb of Menekrates which were removed in Victorian times from Corfu – where Osborne vehemently denies accusations of soliciting donations to the Tory party from the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Superannuated weatherman Bill Giles predicts a rain-free summer, telling Radio Times: ‘I’m supremely optimistic that the forecast for the coming summer – not to mention the next fortnight in SW19 – will be one to remember.’ 

A word in your shell-like, Bill: In 1987 your colleague Michael Fish reassured a viewer the weather was set fair. A hurricane quickly followed.

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