End Of Coldplay: Chris Martin Announces That The Band Will Stop Making Music After 2025

Since its debut in 1996, Coldplay has produced nine albums and received multiple Grammy awards. The pop group had written several successful songs and made millions from selling their albums worldwide. Music Of The Spheres, the band’s most recent album, was released in October. In the United Kingdom, it dominated the music charts. Martin had informed the music blog NME the same month that the group intended to call it quits following 12 albums. Martin concluded to Absolute Radio that he hoped his band would continue to tour like Rolling Stones.

Coldplay has been writing and performing pop songs since 1996. The band received several Grammy awards for their contribution to the music industry. The band hopes to go on tours in their late 70s and perform its memorable songs.

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Recently, bandleader Martin told the BBC that their upcoming tour would be fueled in part by a dancefloor that creates electricity when people jump up and down and pedal power at the stadiums. It is indeed a part of the 12-point strategy to reduce the band’s carbon impact, which comes two years after they committed not to tour till they could do so in a better and sustainable approach. Supporters will be on ‘kinetic floors,’ according to Martin. They will power the concert when they move. He told BBC infotainment reporter Colin Paterson and added that the band also has bicycles that perform the same thing, according to HypeBeast.

Coldplay supporters had expressed surprise on platforms such as Reddit. Admirers all around the world commented, and one said, “Have not really loved any of their work since the fourth album Viva La Vida but what a career they have had.” Another supporter expressed that “I absolutely believe they made an excellent impact on music.” “They will be back with a band in 2030 with their new drummer or guitarist, just like all the other great bands before them,” another one said. “They don’t have to quit,” someone pleaded and continued to say that “All they have to do is play music up until Viva La Vida,” according to BBC News.

Due to positive COVID-19 tests among their traveling party, Coldplay canceled many shows, including their planned gig at the Capital Jingle Bell Ball in London this month. Coldplay is shortlisted for the team of the year and best rock/alternative artist at the 2022 Brit Awards, which will take place in February.

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