Eight easy at-home hacks to keep your grub fresh and cut down food waste | The Sun

CUTTING down food waste is easier if you can keep your goods fresh for longer.

Try these home hacks to extend the life of fruit and veg.

REACH BACK: Supermarkets push produce with the shortest expiry date to the front of shelves. Reach to the back or, in the fruit aisle, check boxes underneath to buy food with longer dates.

CLEAN AND LINE: Keep your fridge free of bacteria with a weekly clean. It’s also important to keep moisture away from food, as this will generally spoil fruit and vegetables quicker. Poundland sells fridge liners for £1, which absorb excess water and allow air to circulate.

SEPARATE BANANAS: Bananas make nearby fruit or vegetables ripen faster. Keep your fruit bowl fresh for longer by storing bananas separately.

KEEP APPLES AND POTATOES TOGETHER: Throw apples in with potatoes and you’ll find the spuds will last much longer, thanks to gases emitted from the fruit.


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BERRY NICE: When you buy a pack of berries, remove any rotten ones that can spoil others. Then, wash berries in a solution that’s one-part vinegar and 10-parts water to help remove bacteria. Dry and store in a glass container with a paper towel to soak extra moisture and the berries will stay fresh for longer.

ONIONS IN TIGHTS: Hang on to old pairs of tights, as they’re perfect for the job of storing onions to last for months. Separate each onion with a knot in the tights and keep in a cool dark place.

PARCHMENT FOR CHEESE: Ditch plastic film or foil wrap on an opened pack and instead opt for parchment paper or a breathable wrap.

FOIL FRIDGE VEG: Keep celery, broccoli and lettuce in foil to make it last weeks longer. Wash after removing from the foil, so that moisture doesn’t become trapped in the wrapping.

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