Dr. Paw Paw is now offering full skincare collection – these are our favourite products

With the cost of living crisis still going strong, shoppers have redefined their priorities when it comes to shopping, and it is now more important than ever to find skincare edits that tackle different complexion issues at the same time, have efficient multi-purpose products, an eye-catching packaging (because who doesn't want pretty bottles on their shelves?), and that they won't empty your bank account with shocking prices.

Only a few months ago Dr. Paw Paw answered shoppers' prayers launching Your Gorgeous Skin , its multi-tasking range of affordable skincare products.

Famous already for its iconic lip balms, the British brand created the Your Gorgeous Skin collection , currently sold at Superdrug , with nine vegan products and star ingredient that steals the show – the ultra-hydrating PAPAYALURONIC™.

This new innovative concept aims to target skin hydration while strengthening and nurturing the skin barrier with its magical mix of brightening papaya, eight different types and weights of hyaluronic acid, along with other potent actives like bakuchiol, vitamin C, vitamin E, and retinol.

Dr. Paw Paw is also very well known for their effort towards sustainability, and the Your Gorgeous Skin collection is no exception. All components are 100% recyclable, all formulas contain ethically sourced ingredients, and to top it all off, all sheet masks are 100% biodegradable and the outer packaging is made from FSC-approved card and soy ink (did we also mention that nothing in this collection costs more than £18?).

If you're eager to explore versatile skincare products, there's no better choice than the Dr. Pawpaw Your Gorgeous Skin 4-In-1 Face Serum, now £7.49 here. Designed to cater to all skin types, this product is the ultimate multipurpose superhero. Powered by the innovative PAPAYALURONIC (™) technology, it gives deep hydration to the skin soothing and softening at the same time.

If you are more of a cleansing balm fan, Dr. Pawpaw Your Gorgeous Skin Cleansing Balm, £7.49 here, could be your go-to product for this collection. The 3in1 formula contains mainly papaya seed oil that gently melts away all of your makeup without drying out the skin. Two more essential elements to this product are olive oil, which serves as a formidable shield for your skin, and Jojoba Oil which acts as a a natural softener.

Other products that are part of the collection are:

  • Dr. Pawpaw Your Gorgeous Skin Glowing Sheet Mask, now £2.49 here

  • Dr. Pawpaw Your Gorgeous Skin Night Cream, now £8.99 here

  • Dr. Pawpaw Your Gorgeous Skin Eye Cream, now £7.49 here

  • Dr. Pawpaw Your Gorgeous Skin Soothing Sheet Mask, now £2.49 here

  • Dr. Pawpaw Your Gorgeous Skin Day Cream, now £8.99 here

  • Dr. Pawpaw Your Gorgeous Skin Hydrating Sheet Mask, £2.49 here

  • Dr. Pawpaw Your Gorgeous Skin Day Cream SPF50, now £8.99 here

If you are curious about multi-purpose products and want to dig in a little deeper, we can advise you to try the classic Benefit Benetint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain, £14 here , or the Lixirskin Universal Emulsion, £36 here.

Will you give multi-tasking beauty a try?

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