Double murderer’s ex ‘faces being homeless over Christmas’

The former partner of a convicted double murderer says she faces being homeless over Christmas after being kicked out of her flat.

Stacey Platten was evicted from her home three months ago for "persistent and very significant" antisocial behaviour, Hull City Council says.

Since then, the 35-year-old has been sleeping in the street and on friends’ floors, but claims she can’t "start again" without a roof over her head.

She told Hull Live her "world fell apart in one night" after her then-partner, Phillip Simmons, murdered two men in the garden of his house in 2016.

Simmons bludgeoned Daniel Hatfield, 52, and Matthew Higgins, 49, to death outside his home in Hull.

Just days before the killings, he had warned a psychiatrist he may "kill somebody"..

Miss Platten said: “Phil did that and got sent down, and then I was on remand for eight months.

“I returned to this four-bedroom house and I just couldn’t handle it.

"I was worried about what Phil had done and what people were saying, and I even had a panic alarm installed.

“But I couldn’t cope with being there.”

Miss Platten was given a two-bedroom flat by Hull City Council, where she lived until September this year.

However, she was evicted for antisocial behaviour and claims she is now waiting to be rehomed.

She said: “I have a crumbling spine and I’m registered disabled, and by the time I got to court the order had been made and I was given an hour to get all of my stuff.

“Since then I’ve been here there and everywhere.

“I got offered a room but I had to share with another woman, and I wasn’t prepared to put myself with a stranger.

"I didn’t know her from Adam.

"She could have been anybody.”

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Miss Platten is adamant the antisocial behaviour was caused by visitors to her house.

She said: “I just want to get my life back on track and I can’t do that without a roof over my head.

“It was people coming to my house that caused the antisocial behaviour, and sometimes fights outside my house would be put on me.

“I’m just trying to do the best I can to get over what has been a horrible two years.

“I want a house and I don’t want to be on the streets.

"I just want my life back and I need a roof over my head so I can start again.”

A spokesman for Hull City Council said: “Because of persistent and very significant anti-social behaviour at Ms Platten’s address, the council sought and secured a legal closure order that requires anyone resident at the property to leave.

“Despite past problems, the council has offered Ms Platten temporary accommodation on two occasions, both of which offers she has declined.

"Despite this, the council is still willing to offer Ms Platten temporary accommodation should she require it.”

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