Divorced dad, 57, shows off incredible results after cosmetic surgery

The divorced dad makeover: Fifty-seven-year-old shows off incredible results after having dermal fillers, thread lifts and Botox to tackle his wrinkles – and reveals it’s given him the confidence to find love again 

  • Andy Hawkin, 57, from Coventry, was married for 38 years before his divorce
  • Felt terrified of dating again, and felt ‘disillusioned and lonely’ about the future
  • Opted for cosmetic surgery which he claims has changed his perspective on life
  • Has met a new partner, Anne, 51, and will get married in October of this year 

A father-of-three has revealed how having cosmetic surgery has boosted his confidence and allowed him to find love again. 

Andy Hawkin, 57, from Coventry, was married for 28 years and had three daughters – but in 2015 he went through a divorce.

Feeling terrified of dating again, and having lost confidence in his appearance, he decided to have cosmetic surgery. 

Andy has since regained his confidence and met a new partner, Anne, 51, who he is set to marry in October of this year. 

Andy revealed that after his divorce his confidence was left in tatters. He said: ‘By then I’d got deep furrow lines on my cheeks that I’d hated for many years. But being newly single and ready to start dating meant that I became more conscious of them than ever.’

Andy felt insecure about his wrinkles and hid behind his glasses (left). The father of three rebuilt his confidence after having cosmetic surgery (right) 

Feeling insecure about his wrinkles, Andy even began wearing glasses again – despite having laser surgery to correct his vision years earlier. 

Andy revealed: ‘I didn’t actually need them to see but used them as a mask to hide behind, something to cover my wrinkles, crow’s feet and the bags under my eyes.’

And although he had always kept himself fit and healthy, going to the gym three times a week, no amount of exercise would change the deep wrinkles that had appeared on his face and were ruining his self-esteem with each day.

‘I remember researching possible cosmetic treatments but deep down I was thoroughly against the idea of plastic surgery.’

Andy said: ‘I thought that cosmetic surgery was all about frozen foreheads and artificial looking faces and didn’t want to have the down-time and long recovery period that surgery entailed.

‘I still felt disillusioned and lonely. I knew I needed both a physical and emotional change but didn’t know where to begin.’

The father of three admitted his confidence took a dip after he had a divorce in 2015, and that cosmetic surgery gave him a boost before he began dating again 

He added: ‘I was overwhelmed in my bubble and was desperate for change.’

In 2017 Andy visited cosmetic doctor, Dr Max Malik at Cosmetics Clinic in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Thankfully Dr Malik suggested a range of non-surgical procedures which meant that Andy didn’t have to go under the knife.

He recommended dermal fillers for Andy’s cheeks, forehead and jowels, thread lifts for the sagging skin that bothered him on his neck, Botox for his forehead and an Obagi skincare routine to stick to at home.

Andy revealed: ‘All of the treatments were painless with no downtime or recovery period. And when I saw the changes afterwards, I honestly couldn’t believe it.

‘My turkey neck had virtually vanished, and my face changes meant that I looked healthy, younger but not obviously like I had had work done.’

Andy said he had been keen to keep his surgeries secret, but his family were quick to notice  a difference (pictured before left and after right) 

Andy decided to keep the cosmetic surgeries a secret, but his family were quick to notice how different he looked.

He said: ‘I kept it a secret and when my grown-up daughter’s saw me for the first time they said: ‘Blimey Dad you’re looking good, have you been going to the gym more?’

‘I couldn’t help laugh as I told them the truth, delighted that it was noticeable but not obvious.’

After the surgery, his confidence began to grow, and he was able to get back onto the dating scene. 

He said: ‘The change in my looks affected me so much that I had the confidence to start dating for the first time in over two decades. 

‘And in December 2018 I met Ann, now 51, and we’re due to get married this October.’

He added: ‘Instead of hiding behind my glasses like I used to, I’m proud to smile and meet new people, and am looking forward to enjoying our big day with confidence not to hide behind anything.’ 

Dr Max Malik on Andy’s cosmetic surgery

Dr Max Malik sees Andy’s story all too often at Cosmetics Clinic. 

‘While women aren’t embarrassed to be seen to be having cosmetic procedures – they often openly share their procedures on their social media platforms – for men it remains very much a taboo,’ he explained.

‘I am however treating more and more male patients and some of them, like Andy, are seeing a hugely positive change to their overall wellbeing as a result. 

‘Medical aesthetics is not just about creating a stock look by adding the same 1ml of dermal filler to the lips of a queue of people – it’s about the overall well being and health of a patient. 

If their well being is being impacted by their appearance – whether that’s as a result of ageing, acne, hair loss or other – medical aesthetics can have a hugely positive result. 

‘For anyone seeking a cosmetic procedure it is vital that they see an expert cosmetic doctor who is fully qualified and has the relevant knowledge of the facial anatomy in order to not only keep results looking completely natural but ensure patient safety.’

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