Dirty-minded Brits in giggles at Sainsbury’s signs that look ruder than intended

Dirty-minded Brits have been left in giggling after they spotted 'rude' signs in Sainsbury's.

While rushing around doing Christmas shopping, a bunch of customers of the supermarket couldn't help but notice something else other than the festive grub on the shelves.

And it's quite obvious to see why.

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Although the signs are neon, it's not the brightly lit product that made the shoppers' heads turn.

However, it is the slogan on the decorative item that got customers in fits of giggles in the aisle.

The £7.50 (originally £15) signs read 'Be Kind' – which is often used to battle the stigma around mental health.

Despite the bright item having pure intentions, the slogan looks a more X-rated than intended.

Taking to Facebook group 'Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas', shopper Helen Blackhurst posted a snap of the mistakenly provocative sign for all to see.

"Can we have a strangest Christmas decoration thread? (I fully appreciate the irony with what it says!)", she wrote in the caption of the now viral post.

It didn't take long for people to comment their own interpretation for the sign – and it really changes the meaning of the heartfelt message.

One person remarked: "B***end?!"

Another user agreed: "That's exactly what I thought."

While a third shared: "Saw this in Sainsbury's today. Had to read the price label to know what it said!"

A spokesperson for Argos, which has branches within Sainsbury's stores, told the Mirror: "We offer a range of great value neon lights at Argos, with the 'Be Kind' light currently available at half price. We're sorry for any confusion that may have been caused."


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