Dental assistant quits to become OnlyFans model and now earns £110k a month

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An OnlyFans model has opened up about how she quit her job as a dental assistant to start modelling – going on to earn £110,000 in a single month.

Gabriella Ellyse lives in the US, and runs a “woman-owned” fitness clothing company, as well as posing for racy snaps on her OnlyFans account.

Before working as an adult model, though, Gabriella told the Inside OnlyFans podcast that she had a typical upbringing, opting to work for a dentist instead of heading to college.

“I worked for a dentist for like five years,” she recalled.

“Actually I really liked it. I worked front and back office, I worked for an orthodontist, I worked for a paediatric dentist, and then I worked for general.”

So, even though her pay was relatively low, Gabriella admitted that she was a little hesitant when her friend suggested a radical career change.

She admitted: “My friend out of nowhere was like, ‘you need to get out of this. This 8-5 is not working out for you’.

"She was cracking up because I was showing up to her house in scrubs, I was barely making rent, and she’s like, ‘you need to start posting pictures on Instagram’.

“She literally forced me – because she owns her own clothing brand – she was like, ‘I’m going to shoot you in my stuff, we’re going to take pictures of you’.

“I actually hated getting my picture taken, I was so awkward,” she admitted.

But, despite her initial reluctance, the decision to produce adult content has proved to be a lucrative one for the model.

She said: “I just started OnlyFans, did it, people talked s***… So my first month, I didn’t have that many people, and I think I made like $1000 (about £735) and I was like, ‘holy s***, this is $1,000 I didn’t have before’.

“It just started going up every single month… A couple of months in I started making like $19,000 (roughly £14,000).

As her earnings increased, Gabriella began hanging out with other “influencers” and saw her profile rapidly escalate.

Typically, big earnings on OnlyFans tend to come from interactions with subscribers.

This can involve performing occasionally weird custom requests for one-off payments.

But the model revealed that for the first five years of her adult career, she didn’t even respond to her fans’ messages.

And, asked what her biggest earning had looked like in a month, the model acknowledged that she had made “$150,000” (roughly £110,000) by starting a more personal ‘VIP’ section on her profile with access to special content had boosted her figures.

It hasn’t all been glamorous, though.

On the same podcast episode, Gabriella opened up about a mortifying occasion when she realised she had pooed herself at a party, before blaming the mess on the host’s dog.

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