Daily horoscope for March 13: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast today

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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With a New Moon in the skies today, your daily horoscope will allow you to take a minute to recharge your batteries. New Moons always arrive at the end of one lunar cycle and the start of the next one. You are, therefore, allowed to think about the future, fresh starts and new beginnings more so than at any other point this week.

The New Moon will arrive at 10.21am GMT today, shrouded in darkness and hidden from sight.

But its refreshing energies are already all around you and you should have felt them building in intensity over the last few days.

Any seeds you plant today will take two weeks to mature and hopefully bloom with the arrival of the March Full Moon.

This is the cycle the Moon will guide you through as its darkened face starts to grow in size and brightness.

With the Moon in Pisces today, YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott expects there to be a lot of loving and selfless energy going around.

You can also expect a lot of the spiritual qualities governing your life to only get bigger.

The astrologer said in his weekly forecast: “It’s really a wonderful couple of days here – Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

“Love abounds and it’s not just the spa vibe anymore, this is passion at the spa. This is really lovely.”

And the good news does not end here because Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces as well.

When celestial bodies are in conjunction, they face each other in the same zodiac position.

Consequently, you are looking at the Moon, Sun, Venus and Neptune all in the 12th zodiac today.

According to Mr Scott, this abundance of Pisces energy will elevate you to a very “blissed out and positive” level.

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But there is a downside to this: while you are busy feeling the love, someone might take advantage of you.

Keep your eyes peeled for any cons or scams that will abuse your trust.

Mr Scott said: “Using your experience and not just dismissing it and saying, ‘Everything and everything is wonderful and nothing bad can ever happen.'”

Nothing is absolute, the astrologer added, so even if you think Pisces is such a loving and tender influence, just remember bad things can always happen when you’re not paying attention.

Mr Scott said: “So if you’re that in love and positive, that’ the little catch I feel is in there.

“That you could miss certain red flags which at other times would pop out of you really strongly.”

And with the Pisces Moon in conjunction with Neptune and Venus, you are bound to feel the love.

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