Dad dons booty shorts to teach his rebel daughter a lesson

Her Daisy Dukes didn’t pass the dad test.

A Florida father sought to teach his daughter a lesson about revealing outfits when he sported barely-there short shorts, shaming her for her new outfit purchase.

Jason Hilley shared a video of himself marching into his daughter’s room, his shorts rolled up to reveal a mass of white thigh, announcing, “We have to have a talk,” as his younger son squeals in laughter. “Get your shorts, [let’s] see whose fit better.”

His mortified daughter pulls on her new shorts to humor her relentless father: “These aren’t even that short!”

Looking in the mirror, Hilley responds, “Neither are mine!”

Hilley shared the video on his Facebook with the caption, “You wear yours out in public? I will wear mine! Parenting 101,” raking in more than 20K likes and approving comments from similarly flustered parents. “I love it!! Best Dad ever!!” Misty Love Latawiec wrote.

The viral lesson in fashion modesty has since racked up more than 42.9 million views.

The father of two told Today that his daughter took it all in stride and saw the humor in his stunt.

“Kids will be kids and try to push the limits,” he said. “That’s when I step in and try to correct the behavior with a little bit of humor. You don’t have to yell and scream and punish to get a point across.”

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