Dad can’t see daughter as facial injuries from violent attack may scare her

A young man who was brutally beaten and threatened with a hammer by two hooded thugs says he can't see his daughter because his injuries may frighten her.

Ben Reynolds says he was set upon by two men as he was cycling to his home in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

He was travelling back from work shortly before 5.30am following his late shift at Amazon on Saturday morning.

Two men viciously attacked him after he refused their demands to turn over his wallet, reports the Manchester Evening News .

They made off with his bike, phone, watch and his bag – leaving him bleeding on the street.

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Mr Reynolds says he is refusing to see his toddler daughter due to his serious facial injuries and swelling caused by the attack.

He told the Manchester Evening News about the horrifying moment he was attacked: "I finished work at about 5am. I was riding my bike near the hospital, there is a cycle lane that leads towards Great Lever.

"I came across two guys, they were dressed in hoodies, tracksuits and caps. They asked me if I had the time so I told them. They asked me for a cigarette, I told them I don't smoke. Then they told me to give them my wallet.

"I tried to ride away but my bike is not great, they caught up with me and pushed me off it.

"They started punching me and kicking me. They got me in the sides and in my legs, but it was mainly my face. There was this stabbing pain right in my eye.

"I tried to resist as much as I could but eventually they pulled out a hammer. They threatened to kill me.

"I just gave up and gave them my stuff. It's not worth it. One of the men rode off on my bike, the other was running towards the hospital."

Just minutes away from home, Mr Reynolds managed to pick himself up and knock on the door of a neighbour for help. He was taken to hospital and is now recovering at his mum's house in Farnworth.

Mr Reynolds said: "They had to prise open my eye. It feels like I've constantly got an eyelash in it and my face keeps bleeding whenever I try to smile."

"I am not allowed to sleep for more than a couple of hours for the next week – someone has to wake me up to make sure I don't fall into a coma."

Devastated mum Patricia Reynolds, 64, was horrified when her son arrived at her door. She said: "I just want to know who has done this and why. It is obvious they wanted money, they are going to do it again to somebody else."

Mr Reynolds added: "They had that hammer for a reason, they were looking for someone and I just happened to come across them."

Mr Reynolds says he does not want to see his little girl – who will be two next month – because the injuries will scare her.

He said: "It might take weeks for the swelling to go down. I don't want her to see me like this, I think she will get quite scared.

After a relative posted on social media, Mr Reynolds' wallet was found in Great Lever and returned to him. His other belongings remain missing.

Greater Manchester Police said no arrests have yet been made.

A statement said: "At around 6am on Saturday 14 March 2020 police were called to reports of a robbery on Rupert Street in Bolton.

"A 27-year-old man was taken to hospital after he was assaulted by two men who threatened him with a hammer and stole his bike and personal items."

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