‘Dad bod naked butlers’ are the hot new trend – and Hen Do’s can’t get enough

A Hen Do company is hiring ‘dad bods butlers’ to work as naked butlers at bachelorette parties.

Last Night of Freedom has launched an ‘alternative butler in the buff’ service, aimed at hens who want to hire a ‘real man’ for the bride.

‘Buff butlers’ are one of Britain’s best-selling hen do products, and are typically muscular blokes with chiselled good looks and six-packs.

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But the firm wants curvy fellas at the opposite end of the scale to ditch their clothes – and state: “The hairier and smellier, the better.

Matt Mavir, Last Night of Freedom CEO, said: “We are seeking real blokes with real physiques who are body confident enough to ditch their clothes in front of a group of hens.

“And we want this to be as far removed from the bride’s fantasy as possible. If you are a man who picks his belly button and burps, then this is the job for you.”

According to Matt, successful applicants could earn hundreds of pounds per night if the concept takes off.

Blokes will be expected to strip off, with just a strategically placed apron to protect their modesty.

They’d then spend the evening serving drinks and playing party games with the hens – but that’s where the comparison to a traditional ‘buff butler’ ends.

The tongue-in-cheek concept came to Matt from an episode of a classic TV show.

“I was watching that episode of Friends, where Danny DeVito turns up as the stripper to Phoebe’s bachelorette party, and it was a real eureka moment,” added Matt.

“We then came up with the idea of creating butlers who didn’t have gym bodies, but were real blokes – hairy slobs with dad bods – that would really get a laugh when they turned up at the door.

“This is about turning people’s expectations on the head, and offering something different for hens; Buff butlers generally all look the same, so we are creating a fresh product – plus a lot of women prefer a bloke with a fuller figure.”


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