Crying First Dates star blames tears on ‘no sleep and prosecco’

First Dates Hotel star who cried TWICE during romantic dinner is told she ‘needs therapy’ by viewers – but she hits back, blaming ‘no sleep and lots of prosecco’

  • Sophie, a graphic designer from London, was hoping for love at first sight
  • She was matched with handsome ex soldier Daryl but things didn’t go smoothly 
  • After bursting into tears twice during their dinner date, Sophie was told on Twitter that she was ‘high maintenance’ and ‘needed therapy’  
  • However, Sophie defended her tears, saying she’d had ‘no sleep and lots of prosecco’ in the high pressured environment of television 

A graphic designer from London who was branded ‘high maintenance’ and in ‘need of help’ after she burst into tears twice during her appearance on First Dates Hotel has hit back at her critics.

Sophie was matched with former soldier Daryl on the Channel 4 dating show, which sees potential suitors enjoying a date at a four-star hotel in Campagnia, Italy, but found the cameras and flowing wine more than a little overwhelming. 

Realising quickly that Daryl wasn’t her perfect love match, she burst into tears that the attraction wasn’t immediate, and later again, when the ex squaddie suggested she was ‘negative’.

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Cry me a river: Sophie, a graphic designer from London, dissolved into tears twice during her dinner date with ex soldier Daryl on the latest episode of First Dates Hotel

Daryl told Sophie that she was ‘negative’, which prompted the second set of tears. The first came after Sophie realised the man she was having dinner with wasn’t her ideal love match

While Daryl was in the toilet, Sophie confided in waitress Laura about how her hopes had been dashed, and promptly burst into tears

Sophie quickly hit back at detractors, saying there had been other factors at play to explain her tears

On Twitter, viewers were quick to suggest that Sophie was expecting too much.   

@biancapriv1 wrote: ‘Oh my god. Never watched first dates hotel before. This Sophie woman needs help. And I mean that in the nicest way. She should not be on a programme like this. You can’t be bloody crying every min jeez #FirstDatesHotel.’  

@Spampoodle added: ‘If I was a man, Sophie would be too high maintenance for me…who brings a list of requirements?’ 

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@thisisabs added: ‘I can’t cope with this girl on #FirstDatesHotel not even maintaining eye contact, constantly looking away and expecting the highest of this poor lad and as soon as he says you’re a bit negative, f****** water works come on.’ 

However, Sophie herself was also on Twitter, and was quick to hit back at those criticising.  

She said: ‘It’s really a bit mean everyone saying I need help and need therapy etc My flight was 4 hrs delayed, I had no sleep, was going on a blind date, he said I was negative, cameras everywhere, I couldn’t cope and I cried! Sorry about that but no need to be so mean!?’

There was plenty of support for the 23-year-old though, with many viewers taking to Twitter to tell her to ‘ignore the haters’

Sophie told viewers she dreamed of emulating her parents’ happy marriage and three children

She also taunted those trolling her, saying: ‘Maybe try having the balls to go on yourself before u criticise others! Xx.’

She called the ‘hate’ ‘awful’ and ‘unnecessary’ and said the slew of messages suggesting she needed help were: ‘Heeps of awful comments for one girl to take in.’ 

While Daryl admitted to his date the morning after that he felt there wasn’t a connection between them, there were plenty of Sophie supporters out there.  

@LouLaBella1968 advised: ‘No one writing knows who you are. They’re making judgments based on 5 minutes of your life that happened to be recorded. Blame #FirstDates production they could have protected you and edited that out.’ 

@HummingbirdBook wrote: ‘Crying is fine. Shows you are human’

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