Coronavirus: Best sport face masks including Adidas, Nike and Reebok

FACE masks will become compulsory in shops in England from tomorrow so we've rounded-up where to find the best sports cover-ups. 

It comes as research suggests wearing a face mask protects you and others around you from potentially contracting coronavirus.

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If you or someone else coughs or sneezes when wearing a mask, it will prevent germs from spreading if used properly. 

Government ministers have said that a face covering will be compulsory in England when buying takeaway food and drink, but not if you are eating in.

It is already compulsory to wear a face mask on public transport in England.

Those failing to comply face a fine of up to £100. 

How to make a homemade mask

IF you're unable to find a mask, you could make your own at home.

Homemade masks won't offer the same level of protection as medical-grade ones, but it hasn't stopped DIY tutorials popping up online.

One of the simplest ones involves using two layers of kitchen roll and one tissue cut in half.

You then cover each end with masking tape – and you can even tape down some wire to stiffen the mask, if you have any.

Finish by punching holes in each end and threading elastic through to fit around your ears.

If you don't have elastic bands you could also use a hair tie.

The rules on face masks is slightly different in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales so check before you head out.

For those wanting to not only stay safe but to look the part, we've rounded-up the best sports face masks.

Three-pack of Adidas face coverings in M/L

  • £14.95 – buy now 

This reusable and washable Adidas face mask comes in both blue and black.  

It is made with soft, breathable fabric, and while useful for presenting the spread of diseases, it's not medical grade or used as personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Medical grade and PPE masks are in short supply and needed for NHS heroes, which means they shouldn't be worn by the general public.

Delivery at Adidas costs £3.99, or is free if you spend more than £25. It can take four to five working days to arrive.

These masks aren’t returnable due to health protection considerations and are made from at least 40 per cent recycled fabric. 

Three-pack of Reebok face coverings in one size

  • £14.95 – buy now

At the same price as Adidas, this Reebok mask is also made in a soft, breathable fabric. It is not medical grade or PPE. 

The stretchy fabric means it is one-size fits all and it is made with recycled polyester and is washable.

Delivery costs tot up to £3.99, but delivery is free if you spend more than £25. Once ordered it should arrive in four to five working days. 

Once open, it’s non-returnable. 

Nike Strike Snood in S/M, L/XL and 2S/XS

  • £26.95Buy now

A medical-style face mask with Nike’s signature swoosh is not yet on the market, but the Nike Strike snood, sometimes called the "Bane" mask referencing the Batman character who wore it, could be a good alternative. 

While this was not made for the pandemic and is not medical grade, it is popular with footballers and serves the same purpose as a cloth face covering. 

It is made of a soft fleece, so might be more useful when the weather is colder. The fleece is Nike’s ‘’Dri-FIT,’’ a special fabric which wicks sweat making it easier to wear over long periods of time.  

Nike offers free delivery with a standard membership – without, it will cost £4.50. 

It is currently out of stock on the Nike website in S/M and L/XL.

Nike warns on its website that delivery may take longer than usual.

Football Masks, Redbubble

  • Ranging from £8.18 and upwards – buy now

Whether you’re a die hard Lions fan or want to show your allegiance at a more local level, Redbubble offers a range of football club branded masks.

Made from two layers of fabric, the elastic ear straps means it fits snugly on your face. 

As with the other masks, they aren’t considered as medical grade or PPE. 

Best-sellers on the site include a Liverpool champions mask and one based on a 95/97 Newcastle home kit. 

Buying four gets you a 20 per cent discount and shipping costs around £2.36 or more if you want to get it sooner. 

Delivery for this brand can take up to two weeks. 

Etsy also stocks a range of sports-branded masks from independent retailers. 

Three-pack of England rugby masks in white and navy

  • £15 – buy now

Masks from the England rugby shop are available in navy and white and feature the iconic team crest. 

Profits from the sale of these masks go to the RFU Injured Players Foundation. 

Estimated delivery comes in at £4.95, or is free on orders of more than £75, and it should get to you in five to seven working days. 

Nike, Puma and Under Armour masks for pre-order 

Puma’s offering, which is on the cheaper end of the market, is currently sold out, but the website says it will be restocking in August.

To be in with a chance of snagging two for £9, it would be a good idea to set up a Google alert or check back on the website regularly at the beginning of the month.

Amazon is also offering a Nike snood at £16.95 which is temporarily out of stock. 

Under Armour’s sports mask is available for preorder in XS, S/M, M/L, L/XL and XL/XXL for £25.13. The mask is designed to be worn all day when playing sports and has a water-resistant outer shell. It also boasts anti-viral and anti-microbial treatments on the inside layer. 

The preorder is due to ship by August 14. 

While facemasks are compulsory for most people in England, those with breathing difficulties, disabled people and babies are exempt from wearing them. 

They are not compulsory in bars and restaurants.

It is also recommended that you wash your face mask after each use at 60 degrees to kill any germs.


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