Cardi B splits her skintight jumpsuit on stage at Bonnaroo

Cardi B revealed more than she intended to while performing at Bonnaroo over the weekend.

The rapper, 26, made her big return to the stage following complications from her liposuction and breast augmentation surgery for the Tennessee-based music festival. However, it wasn’t her health concerns that sabotaged her show on Sunday, but rather her jumpsuit.

The Grammy winner wore a beaded and colorfully striped skintight jumpsuit for the concert that apparently couldn’t keep up with all of her twerking — ripping down the center of her backside and revealing much more than intended.

But the “Press” singer proved herself to be a consummate professional, refusing to let the mishap ruin her set. She quickly stepped to the side of the stage, stripping off the bodysuit and finishing her show wearing a plush white bathrobe over a strapless nude bra.

Clearly, the show must go on, sparkly catsuit or no.

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