Cardi B Fake Ariana Grande Shade, Instagram Diss

Fool Cardi B once, shame on you. Fool Cardi B twice? Well, get ready to be roasted to hell and back because she is NOT here for anybody’s weak Photoshop skills and she will not be tricked into another celeb feud. Trust.

It all started when a doctored screenshot of the 26-year-old supposedly liking a collage of Ariana Grande with her exes and a caption that read, “Ariana a lil h*e” made its way around the internet and onto Cardi’s social feeds. But, as it turns out, the shade was completely fabricated!

CB exposed a portion of the image on Twitter and wrote, “Ya gotta do better with the Photoshopping the ‘Y’ is a little cut off in the corner…you kids need to find a hobby, LEAVE ME ALONE.”

The “Y” in question is the “Y” in “Liked by” underneath the Instagram post. You can see it doesn’t look exactly the same as the other “Y” right below it in the screenshot, which seemingly proves that it’s not real.

So now the million dollar question is, why would people want to pit Cardi against Ari?! Well, if you didn’t know before, the “Sweetener” songstress is actually very close pals with Nicki Minaj, who has an ongoing beef with the “I Like It” crapper. Kinda makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, Cardi decided to speak out and set the record straight because seeing as the “God Is a Woman” crooner just broke off her engagement with Pete Davidson, the fake post is extra cruel.

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