Camille Cosby demands investigation of Bill Cosby’s judge for ‘unethical’ judicial behavior

One week before her husband is scheduled to be sentenced as a convicted sexual predator, Camille Cosby appeared at a Pennsylvania judicial ethics board to demand that her husband’s judge be investigated for “unethical” conduct.

Bill Cosby’s wife of 54 years arrived at the state’s Judicial Conduct Board’s office in the state capital of Harrisburg on Monday shortly after noon, accompanied by yet another new lawyer added to the Cosby legal team.

She distributed a statement in advance accusing Judge Steven O’Neill of bias and hidden motives when he presided over two trials of Cosby on three counts of aggravated felony sexual assault.

“My husband was improperly prosecuted in a trial presided over by an unethical judge who seeks to compound his unethical behavior by sentencing Bill Cosby,” Camille Cosby’s statement said. 

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