Brits howling with laughter over X-rated ‘penis window’ graffiti

In the UK there are plenty of sights that seem quintessentially British from red buses to Victorian architecture.

But, some Brits seem to think the people of the UK have another cheeky habit that sums up the nation’s sense of humour.

And, if you’ve ever walked past a white van that needs a wash you’ve likely spotted it (or taken part in it).

Whenever we see something that can be drawn on – but isn’t meant to be – we feel the urge to add something from a cheeky joke to our initials.

Or, for the slightly more immature sketcher, a penis…

And, a Reddit poster brought this to light in a post on the CasualUK forum when they spotted an entire window decorated with various drawings of male genitalia.

Uploading a snap to the site, user shipwrecking_siren joked: “So glad to see traditional craftsmanship is alive and well in London.”

And, hundreds of fellow Brits were left howling at the rather artistic drawings sketched onto the window panels.

In the comments, one bloke laughed: “Never seen one with legs and a tophat before.

“Must be a London thing.”

“Same for me and I have to say it is beautiful,” replied another.

And, a third said: “Seems to be a clear divide between effort and skill here.”

While another nicknamed the artist “w*nksy”.

While others found room for improvement in the piece as one man laughed: “Forget the d**ks, I'd be putting a line through 'adore' and writing 'a window' below it.”

In previous news, a mural nicknamed "Mickey Scouse" that showed a Disney-style character smoking and drinking was dubbed "offensive" by parents.

They thought that the character was "sinister" and might scare children.

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