Bride asks if nephew is enjoying her wedding and is sent a sinister snap back

A bride has shared the hilarious photo her sister sent her when she asked if her nephew was having fun at her wedding.

We all know that nuptials aren’t the most thrilling event for little ones – especially boisterous kids.

Sometimes, they can grow bored, get overtired or start to act up.

But it seems this young man thought the vibe of his aunt’s big day was “killer”.

That was a pun, don’t worry you’ll get it in a minute.

An anonymous newlywed posted the snap to the forum Reddit.

Is this look taking the face mask trend too far? let us know your thoughts in the comments section…

Sharing it in the sub-Reddit r/funny, the poster said: “Asked my sister if my nephew was enjoying the wedding – this is the picture she sent back.”

In the snap, a young boy sits on a chair in the wedding venue, a winery by the looks of things, wearing a ski mask.

The sinister look was made famous in the Friday the 13th film franchise.

In the movie, the character Jason Voorhees is the son of a cook-turned-killer who wears a hockey goalie mask.

Reddit users were quick to see the funny side and 76,700 of them liked the post.

Many made jokes about the nephew’s menacing outfit of choice.

One person said: “You could say the wedding was ‘to die for’.”

While others said the child’s style was “pretty killer”.

“Everyone always screams ‘There's Jason’ but no one ever screams ‘How's Jason’,” joked another.

A third wrote: “Voorhees a jolly good fellow…”

Other posters were unable to see what problem the bride had with her nephew’s outfit choice.

One person said: “He's wearing a mask, and social distancing. I see nothing wrong here.”

To which another replied: “Can’t get corona if everyone is gone!”

However, many pointed out that the mask would be pointless as protection against Covid-19 as it is full of holes.

What would you think if you saw this look at a wedding?

Hilarious or horrifying?

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