Barbara the sheep has to wear a DD bra because her udders droop to the floor

‘When she had her twin lambs they couldn’t get to the teats.

‘David was joking that she needed a bra for support.

‘Our neighbour happened to be round at the time and said she was just throwing out an old one if he wanted it – it was a 44DD and was actually a perfect fit.’

Kathryn said David, both from Wymondham, Norfolk thought the bra could be re-purposed as a ‘boulder holder’ to help Barbara with support and her little lambs Buddy and Blossom to feed.

She added: ‘David cut two well-positioned holes for the teats to poke through, the straps went round the legs and it fastened up on her back.

‘The lambs were a bit unsure to start with but with a bit of guidance they soon got the hang of it and are now thriving.

‘The ewe was totally unphased by the whole experience.’

Kathryn says this is the first time David has ever had to put a bra onto a sheep – but ‘it worked so well it might come in handy again another day.’

She added: ‘David has been shepherding for many years and puts his heart and soul into ensuring his small flock is happy, healthy and well looked after, but this is the first time he’s put a sheep in a bra.

‘He’s just really happy that it had the best outcome for mum and babies.

‘Just shows how you have to be a bit creative and resourceful in farming.’

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