Aussie teen, 19, defends her relationship with 48-year-old boyfriend

Teenager, 19, plans to marry and have children with her 48-year-old ‘soulmate’ who gets mistaken for her DAD ‘all the time’

  • A teen has revealed the cruel remarks she’s received about her relationship 
  • Jorja McMahon, 19 and Graham, 48, have been dating for three months
  • She said people have said Graham is a ‘paedophile’ and old enough to be her dad 
  • Jorja said he treats her ‘like an absolute queen’ and that he is her ‘soulmate’ 
  • She said she eventually wants to get married and have children with him 

An Australian teenager has opened up about her relationship with a man 29 years her senior and the cruel comments the couple have received. 

Jorja McMahon, who is just 19 years old, and 48-year-old Graham got into a relationship three months ago when she was ‘in a hard living situation and in a bad headspace’. 

Speaking with, Jorja said she copped a lot of negative backlash online and from friends with some calling Graham a ‘paedophile’. 

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Jorja McMahon (right), 19, has opened up about her relationship with 48-year-old Graham and the cruel comments they have received 

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The controversial couple met out the front of their apartment complex while Jorja was waiting for a taxi to get to her job at McDonald’s. 

Graham offered to help Jorja get to and from work if she put money in his account for fuel each week which she said she was ‘happy to do’ and the pair struck up a friendship. 

‘He didn’t try to get in my pants like every other man has tried to, and he treated me with so much respect from the beginning. There was definitely chemistry,’ she said. 

After four months of being friends, Jorja confessed how she felt about Graham. 

He was initially reluctant to take the relationship further because of their age gap and asked Jorja if she was sure she ‘wanted to go down this road with him’ but she was adamant she was deeply in love.

The pair were friends for four months before Jorja confessed her feeling and they started dating. Graham was initially reluctant but Jorja assured him she was in love 

She said Graham treats her ‘like an absolute queen’ and better than anyone else has before. 

When the pair first started officially dating, they were met with a lot of animosity and nasty comments due to their age difference. 

Some dubbed Graham a ‘paedophile’ and said Jorja was using him for money.

Jorja said the pair get ‘dirty looks’ when they’re out in public together and have been told Graham is old enough to be her dad. 

‘I’ve even lost friends over it. People can have an opinion, but sometimes they should keep it to themselves,’ she said.  

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When they started dating, they were met with lots of cruel comments with some calling Graham a paedophile and other said Jorja was only with him for money

‘I’ve also had a lot of single friends get jealous with how he treats me, and have tried to flirt with him.’ 

Graham supports his teen girlfriend when she’s having a bad day, helps with doctor’s appointments and was by her side when she was rushed into emergency surgery just a month into their relationship according to Jorja. 

She said Graham is ‘so supportive and encouraging’ and ‘constantly reminds’ her how ‘beautiful’ she is. 

Jorja is convinced Graham is her ‘soulmate’ and plans to eventually get married and have children with him. 

The teen said she’s always wanted to be a mum and have children with someone who treats her well.

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