Astrology predictions for 2022: What the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction means for us

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Astrology is so complex that it’s hard to predict exactly what kind of year is ahead, as the planets shift signs and form different aspects so often throughout the year. However, the main transit of 2022 is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and it’s going to bring us all closer to a higher power. chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie and consulted other mystical experts to find out how the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will affect us this year.

The transit that’s dominating this year is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, which starts on April 12.

This only happens every 12 and a half years, so it’s a big deal.

Jupiter is in Pisces, the dreamy and artsy sign of the zodiac ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune.

On top of that, Jupiter is known for expanding while Neptune dissolves and breaks down anything structured, so this is a wild combination.

According to astrologer Francesca Oddie, people are going to be more spiritual and seek connection this year.

She said: “Some people will find that through letting their hair down and indulging in things like alcohol and anything that lets them drop their inhibitions.

“This year we will be more creative, more emotional, more loving, but this will come through escapism sometimes.”

With Jupiter forming a conjunction to Neptune, idealistic and humanitarian goals or impulses surface.

Cafe Astrology said: “A spirit of altruism and generosity, making connections with others from a different background, widening our minds through unusual or different experiences, expanded faith, and a feeling that anything is possible if we believe in it are all themes.

“Practical considerations could take a back seat now. We more easily make personal sacrifices for what we believe to be the better good.

“Every day, ordinary life doesn’t satisfy, as we hunger for a more idealistic life.

“This can certainly lead to disappointment or strong feelings of discontent and restlessness.”

It’s not unlikely that you’ll find love or deepen existing love this year, thanks to this transit. said: “Romance may come easily in 2022 and Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces could help us see possibilities beyond the limits we have made for ourselves.

“In love, we might find sublime connections that transcend our usual mundane existence.”

However, at their worst, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces may trample boundaries that people have for valid reasons.

The site warned: “In our relationships, manipulative puppy dog eyes might try to push us into things that are not really good for us.”

You likely feel deeply in touch with your dreams and visions when Neptune is conjunct Jupiter.

If you’re into visualisation, especially through activities like creating vision boards or storyboards, then you’ll experience powerful clarity in what you see with your inner eye, suggested.

The mystics at the site said: “You’re also bound to be more compassionate and connected to diverse people and creatures, seeking to understand and connect better to what you can.

“You will donate time, energy, or money to whomever or whatever stirs your heart.”

The conjunction is in wishy-washy Pisces, so we may need a reality check in order to keep our expectations realistic.

Cafe Astrology warned: “Caution should be exercised with legal matters, finances, and otherworldly, practical affairs, as the tendency to ignore critical details or to take foolish risks runs high.

“However, if expectations are kept in check, this can be a fabulous time for dreaming up new possibilities.

“It’s also a period of greater compassion–when our guiding principle is to trust in people or the universe.

“Some associations with this combination include dancing, water (especially the ocean), oil, the feet, alcohol, mysteries and illusion, film, cinematography, and religion.”

However, warned that it would be a “bad idea to add mind-altering substances, like drugs or alcohol, indiscriminately into the mix”.

The site added: “It would be hard to figure out what’s a genuine experience of your soul and what’s completely delusional, especially at the risk of excess.

“You will need your senses to be alert, not only to properly receive what your inner sight reveals but also to retain and act on what you behold.”

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