Astrologer shares zodiac signs you cannot trust

In western astrology there are 12 zodiac signs, all with individual characteristics and personality traits.

According to one astrologer, there are three zodiac signs who might not keep your secrets.

Astrology expert Valerie Mesa warned Bustle that Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius might spill your secrets.

While these signs will all have positive characteristics, absolute unconditional trustworthiness might not be one of them.

Valerie suggested that Gemini’s personality might lend itself to telling fibs – but not out of malice. Nevertheless, this makes them difficult to trust.

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She claimed: “Geminis are social chameleons with dual personalities, and it’s their logical mindset and curious personalities that could ultimately get them into trouble.”

However, it’s possible for Gemini to change their ways and become more trustworthy, the astrologer suggested.

If Gemini’s partner or friends share their thoughts more, this might encourage them to “open up” and therefore appear less “sneaky”.

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According to the astrologer, Leo is another potentially deceitful sign.

This sign is dazzling, a shiny star amongst others, and they will do what they can to be the centre of attention.

Because Leo “can’t help but feel like the centre of everyone’s universe sometimes”, the astrologer suggested they might be prone to spilling secrets or even infidelity.

In order to become trustworthy, Leo should be open with their loved ones about the affection they need, the astrologer suggested, so they don’t go looking for it elsewhere…

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Finally, Sagittarius’ “stop at nothing mindset” is admirable but can get also get themselves – and others – in trouble.

When Sagittarius wants something they go for it, but they might hurt others in the process.

Others might see this sign as a little “shady” or “selfish” because of their relentless pursuit of living their “best life”.

The astrologer urged Sagittarius to maintain their love of love whilst being aware of this tendency to neglect others.

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