Aldi shoppers praise ‘cute’ Kevin the Carrot toy for Christmas 2022

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Aldi’s Specialbuys are always loved by its shoppers and Kevin the Carrot has become one of its most popular toys. Cute and festive for the Christmas holidays, shoppers can now find a new toy set for 2022.

Kevin & Animal Friends Set

£11.95 View Deal

Delight your little ones or decorate your home with Aldi’s adorable Kevin & Animals friends set. Including a sweet mouse and tortoise, don’t hesitate to buy this as it’ll sell out fast.

Plush Christmas Footballer Set

£15.95 View Deal

Perfect timing for the World Cup, treat football lovers to this adorable plushie set that features five football characters MmmBap, Marrowdonna, Roy Bean, Ronaldi and Messy.

For Aldi’s advent this year, Kevin the Carrot was reunited with his family, Katie, Jasper, Chantey and Baby after missing his flight.

Available online only, shoppers can now pick up a brand new set of Kevin with two of his animal friends for only £11.95.

The adorable plushies are a favourite of shoppers who praise the toys for being fun for Christmas.

Kevin wrote: “Very cute characters. These are lovely, good quality toys which are very sweet.”

There’s still stock left but you’ll need to be quick to buy as many are already selling out.

Kevin & Katie the carrot are currently sold out, as well as Kevin the Carrot in a kilt is already sold out.

Plus, football fans can get a special treat from Aldi and shop a new bundle of plushies that include MmmBap, Marrowdonna, Roy Bean, Ronaldi and Messy.

Available for £15.95 online only, it’s perfect for any football loving kid.

Katie commented: “Great quality and price for the size and quality. Love collecting them every year and love it was football themed for the World Cup.”

Plus, Aldi has released more soft toys for Christmas presents.

The Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron is already trending with shoppers.

Find more soft toys here.

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