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THERE is an average of 133 days of rain in the UK every year, so an umbrella is vital to own – and ideally one that slots into your coat pocket or bag, rather than the traditional stick versions.

But what are the best compact umbrellas on the market and how do you know which one to choose?

Many retailers offer the automatic pop up style, while some need to be manually opened.

There are also ones that will fit neatly into your bag and others that are a bit clunkier – but they offer a larger span, which is well worth it.

But, most importantly, you should look into how strong and durable the design claims to be and whether it's wind-proof, because one rough storm can be enough to break a badly made brolly.

Some umbrella brands have such faith in their designs they'll replace yours if it breaks – how's that for an investment piece?

To make the decision easier, we've used our expert opinions and checked out reviews, to find which are the best umbrellas to buy now.

1. Strongest umbrella: Rain-mate compact travel umbrella

The 'ribs' of an umbrella are the metal pieces that make up the support structure of the shell when it's opened, so they're pretty important.

This umbrella has reinforced ribs that make them extra durable when gales strike.

Rain-Mate describes it as a 'virtually indestructible weatherproof canopy' which is a big claim, although one that has been supported by Amazon reviewers who confirm it's great in strong winds.

It has a lifetime replacement guarantee too, so no need to buy another if the pop up mechanism suddenly gives up the ghost.

  • Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella, £15.95 at Amazon – buy here

2. Most compact umbrella: Uniqlo compact umbrella

At less than nine inches long, the Compact Umbrella from UNIQLO is one of the handiest brollies to throw into a bag just in caseCredit: UNiqlo

When an umbrella is really compact, it can sometimes compromise its quality. That is not the case with this brolly.

One user says: 'Very light yet super strong. Bought one 5 years ago, still not broken'.

It's designed for when it's windy, which will help prevent it from collapsing. The metal structure is made from rigid aluminium alloy too, which makes it hardier when battling the elements – no inside-out brolly for you!

When folded away, it is less than nine inches long, so it's the handiest umbrella going as you can pop it into your briefcase or handbag.

  • Compact Umbrella, £12.90 at UNIQLO – buy here 

3. Most stylish umbrella: Hobbs snake print umbrella

If you want your brolly to also be a fashion statement, look no further.

This umbrella from Hobbs has been finished with a cool leopard print that will blow all the other brollies out of the water looks-wise.

With a manual push up design it should last, as there's no automatic mechanism inside that are known to break with time.

  • Leopard Umbrella, £20 from Hobbs – buy here

4. Most innovative umbrella: SUCK UK colour change umbrella

The main draw of this umbrella is it's creative design.

When it's dry, the water droplets that stud the canopy remain white but when the rain starts pouring, they change colour and each section sports a different hue.

With this umbrella in hand, we just couldn't wait for it to start raining – you don't hear anyone saying that often.

  • Suck UK Colour Change Folding Travel Umbrella, £16.63 at Amazon – buy here

5. Best kids' umbrella: Kidorable frog umbrella

Your kids are going to go wild over this umbrella.

It's designed to look like a frog in a bright green hue, with 3D eyes on its canopy and a webbed foot on its handle.

If your child isn't a fan of frogs, there are 7 other designs to choose from, including dragons and butterflies.

  • Kidorable Frog Umbrella, £14.25 at Amazon – buy here 

6. Most reliable umbrella: Balios travel umbrella

The Balios® Travel Umbrella is a self-correcting brolly with a chic wooden handleCredit: Amazon/ BALIOS

This travel umbrella is the last one you'll ever need to spend money on.

It's set on a sturdy wooden handle and has a metal rib support frame is reinforced with sturdy fibreglass.

The double vented canopy means it shouldn't blow inside out on a windy day but if it does, simply press the open-close button on the handle and the brolly will correct itself – how clever.

  • Balios® Travel Umbrella, £18.99 at Amazon – buy here

7. Best quick-drying umbrella: Repel 'Teflon' travel umbrella

This compact umbrella is designed with a Teflon coat to be ultra fast drying. So, even after it gets soaked, all it needs is a quick shake and you can pop it back into your tote. Not a soggy belonging in sight.

With an easy open and close button, this brolly is perfect for when your hands are full with shopping bags so you don't need to fiddle trying to get it open.

  • Repel Umbrella with Teflon Coating, £17.45 at Amazon – buy here

What is the best umbrella brand?

While it all comes down to personal preference and which umbrella will see you through many a storm, some umbrella brands are favoured over others.

Davek's umbrellas come with a lifetime guarantee, and have sophisticated, patented systems in place to handle wind and storms, no matter how severe.

Other go-to brands for umbrellas that get consistent rave reviews are Samsonite and Fulton – you'll have spotted their clear, birdcage umbrellas used by royals like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

For handcrafted umbrellas, try London Undercover.

Which is the best windproof umbrella?

In addition to Davek, Blunt Umbrellas are known for their windproof designs.

Each umbrella undergoes a 38-point quality control check and is designed with materials which can withstand the harshest elements. They also win points in the style stakes.

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