15 rude restaurant customers who refused to tip their waiters

Tipping point! Rude restaurant customers who refused to tip their waiters, made a mess and even dined barefoot will make your blood boil

  • People from the US have shared example of terrible restaurant customers
  • Refused to tip, giving fake money, lectures, and even phone numbers instead
  • Some left dirty tables for their waiters to clean, while others dined barefoot 

Ensuring the service is as good as the food is a crucial part of running a successful restaurant, but as these photos prove, not all customers deserve the best.  

In a gallery collated by Bored Panda, people from around the world who work in hospitality revealed the terrible behaviour exhibited by some of their customers. 

Some refused to tip and gave fake money and even their phone numbers to the waiting staff instead, while one diner said he would have tipped a waiter ‘if they had been straight.’

Others showed poor restaurant etiquette by leaving disgusting tables for staff to clean, smoking indoors, leaving a soiled nappy and even dining barefoot in front of the other patrons. 

Write off! Instead of leaving a gratuity, a diner scribbled a message on a napkin and made a crude comment about the server’s cleavage 

Let’s hope they never come back! One left a disgusting table with a dirty diaper for the waiting staff to clean up after them 

Diners were shocked when a group of ten left rubbish strewn all over the floor and tables after departing 

A racist restaurant customer in Virginia left a note that read ‘we only tip citizens’ on his receipt  

That would put anyone off their meal! A rude customer was spotted dining barefoot in a restaurant

Shouldn’t you be quarantining? A customer who had tested positive for Covid-19 still dined at the restaurant and waited until he had paid to reveal it to the staff

Bitter taste: One customer found it funny to dip the waiter’s tip into a glass of water and to cover it with a slice of lemon 

Hands off! Staff at one restaurant in the US had to write a note on their tip jar warning patrons not to help themselves  

Up in smoke! This woman decided to have a crafty cigarette, despite the no smoking policy  

Entitled much? A veteran claimed they should be the one to receive a gratuity as thanks for eating out after serving their country  

An entitled customer refused to tip because the restaurant asked patrons to wear face masks during the pandemic 

Not lovin’ it! Parents let their unruly children fill the bins with barbecue sauce and ketchup at McDonald’s and got angry at others customers who complained 

One woman who was waitressing to fund her higher education was disheartened to find this fake bill with a picture of Donald Trump

A homophobic customer with terrible grammar said he would have left a tip for his waiter if they had been straight

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