11 women on the word that defined their 2022

Written by Lauren Geall

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We asked Stylist women to share the word that best describes their past 12 months. Here’s what they had to say.

The last couple of years have been pretty action-packed –and 2022 was certainly no exception. From starting the year in the midst of an Omicron haze to navigating the cost of living crisis and political turmoil, the past 12 months have been all over the place.

This chaos has, of course, been reflected in the numerous ‘words of the year’ published over the last couple of weeks. Ranging from ‘permacrisis’ to ‘goblin mode’, these words have summarised the sense of uncertainty many of us have experienced throughout 2022.

But while, on a macro level, these words speak to the collective journey we’ve taken over the last year, they don’t highlight the individual experiences we’ve gone through. So, to wrap up 2022, we asked a group of women to share the word which summed up their year. Here’s what they said.


“This year, I’ve tried to be more intentional about where I place my focus and energy. 2022 has been an unsettling year for most, so I’ve tried to put boundaries in place, for example, by limiting my social media use.

“Having boundaries has also meant surrounding myself with people who will lift my spirits and keep me positive. There are many things out of my control, such as mortgage increases and rising costs, but a calm approach helps me mentally feel secure. I am grateful for what I have, even if it means changes.”

Shirley-Ann, 47


“My word of the year is transformative. I spent half the year recovering from an eating disorder and preparing myself to study for my dream career. Then, from July onwards, I got a summer internship and started studying for a master’s degree. It’s been a journey!”

Megan, 23


“My 2022 was a year of big changes: I bought a house with my partner, changed jobs after seven and a half years, and went on a retreat that radically changed how I view myself. 

“I’ve learned that change is really the only constant in life, and that it’s something to be excited about, rather than to fear. I hope I can take that idea into 2023 and really embrace change in all areas.”

Ellen, 29


“My husband landed his dream job this year in a location that neither of us was excited about moving to, but we did it anyway and have been settling in nicely!”

Becky, 33


“The word that sums up 2022 for me is becoming, AKA becoming the person I need to be for me and the world around me. This year I’ve followed my passion, had boundaries in my life, let go of all I couldn’t control and am moving forward in a positive way.”

Anupa, 44


“My word of the year is resilience. I resigned from my job as a support leader in adult social care in January 2022 after 13 years of service to focus on building my own business. 

“This year has been filled with deep struggles along with some incredible breakthroughs. The lessons I have learned have helped me grow and evolve in incredible ways to get to this moment, where I can say that my business is now generating some revenue, no matter how big or small. I’m proud of my resilience and I’m filled with immense joy and gratitude for how far I’ve come.”

Britta, 40


“The word that best describes my year is wanderlust. I started the year with a two-week solo holiday to Costa Rica, where I had the time of my life making new friends and exploring. In the summer, I went to Worldwide Festival in Sète, in France, again on my own, and I danced on the beach and possibly had the best Hinge date of my life. 

I’ve always enjoyed solo travel, but those two trips in particular gave me such strength and confidence that I decided to hand in my notice as a full-time journalist in September to travel. 

“There’s so much of the world I’ve yet to see and as I have no commitments (partner, kids, mortgage) now seems like the perfect time to go. So, at the end of January, I’ll be flying to Mexico with a plan to slowly explore parts of Central and South America.”

Cydney, 27


“The word I set for my year in January 2022 was adventure, but looking back I think I’d reflect on my year and say the word to describe it is cherished.

“In 2022 I got married. On the day I of course felt the love of my new husband, but I also felt so much overwhelming love from my friends and family that I genuinely felt cherished. I’ve also had some real successes with my business and career and have felt the love from the networks I’m in.”

Alex, 33


“This year has definitely been imbalanced. I’ve ended this year having to make some really hard decisions because I’ve been completely reassessing and reprioritising my time and energy. I have definitely been spreading myself too thinly all throughout this year as I launched myself back into life post-pandemic, and I’ve realised it’s unsustainable.”

Stacie, 36


“I recently started teaching music in an infant school and it’s a privilege and joy to be part of their learning. I’m full of hope for the future.”

Sarah, 46


“In 2022 I made a pledge to myself to be more authentic and I’ve had the most amazing year. As a woman who has just turned 40 and has two children – a 24-year-old and an 11-year-old – I have been a mum for longer than I wasn’t, so finally getting the chance to travel solo to Thailand last month for my 40th birthday was amazing.

“I think we can only really know our authentic selves when we spend time alone. I am also single for the first time and loving it, as well as loving being 40 and getting to know my authentic self. I’m unapologetic, I’m body confident, and I am OK with being messy, wrong, silly and learning.”

Nicola, 40

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