11 best pizza ovens to buy in 2022 including portable and BBQ toppers | The Sun

WE'VE scoured the web for the best pizza ovens around, whether you're looking for a portable option or a barbecue topper. With a wide range of price options, these devices will help you take your homemade slice to the next level.

It’s easy to make pizzas in conventional ovens, especially if you’re just popping in a shop-bought one. But having a dedicated outdoor pizza oven means you can recreate the pizzeria-style crust that’s so hard to achieve otherwise.

That’s because pizza ovens are designed to cook pizzas from all directions and at much higher temperatures. The dough is in direct contact with the extremely hot base, which helps the crust to form and the dough to cook through without drying it out.

At the same time, the roof of the oven helps to direct the heat to the topping to flash cook it, so there’s no risk of the base burning while the topping is left raw.

You can get pizza stones for conventional ovens to help you achieve that crust of course, but they take an hour or more to heat up properly whereas dedicated pizza ovens might only take 20 minutes to heat up and then another couple of minutes for the actual cooking.

Below are some of the best outdoor pizza ovens you can buy now.

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