10 Wireless Tech Accessories That Make Our Lives Easier (10 That Are Pointless)

It is safe to say that technology began 4-5 billion years ago when the sun produced energy-solar energy. Nothing much took place after that until 10 million years ago when human made the first tools from bones, antlers, wood, and stone. We then discovered fire, wore clothes, moving from leaves, then began somewhat serious technological advancement when the first boat was constructed in 10,000 BCE.

In the 17th century, science began to take shape. This was the period a basic thermometer was designed, then a practical telescope, microscope, mercury thermometer and the formulation of the famous Isaac Newton three laws of motion.

The 18th century thereafter, formed the basis of computers when Gottfried Leibniz pioneered the binary number system. This was later followed by a primitive fax machine. The 20th century formed a better basis for modern day computers when the first programmable computer was invented in 1936 and a transistor developed in 1947.

During this period, computers and almost every device were humongous. If you remember the history of computers, we moved from mainframe computers at some point to the portable laptops we have today. Man simply wanted to combine great use and portability.

It is against this backdrop of increased need for convenience and efficiency that wireless gadgets have been invented. While we appreciate the progress from 5 billion years ago, some inventors have simply given us useless wireless tech accessories while others have been perfectly thoughtful.

Here are 10 wireless tech accessories that make our lives today easier, and 10 that are pointless.

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20 Fast Wireless Routers – Useful

We basically live on the internet. Our lives are online, where we connect with friends and family through social media platforms, emails and video calls; we do business online by buying and selling items and services online; our security systems also need internet connections for us to set them when we are on vacation and we also run our homes through the internet when we are away or running late, for example, using an app to draw our curtains and switch on the lights.

To efficiently do this, fast wireless routers give us the needed speed and ability to connect multiple devices on the network.

19 The Smalt Salt Dispenser – Pointless

This is another device that makes no sense. The Smalt Salt Dispenser is marketed as the world’s first interactive centerpiece and smart salt dispenser that will advise the user on the right amount of salt to use, through a mobile app.

Reportedly, this device is not only useful for people who worried that they will sprinkle too much on their food, but also those that don’t know the right amount of salt to use. In case you don’t take the app advice, Bluetooth speakers and multi-colored lightings will be used to convince you further.

All you need are good taste buds and basic nutrition knowledge to stay healthy, not an app with Bluetooth speakers! (Source: YouTube)

18 A Bluetooth Audio Receiver – Useful

A Bluetooth audio receiver saves money by eliminating the need to upgrade an audio system. The device works by making wired speakers Bluetooth-compatible using an adapter. The wired speakers are plugged into the adapter’s headphone jack, pairing the adapter with your phone.

Once connected, you can wirelessly stream music from your phone to the speakers. Better yet, you are guaranteed of a better road trip despite your car’s outdated audio system. All it needs is a cassette adapter or an aux-port, and you create a similar audio system, saving hundreds of dollars, which can be used to party some more.

17 The Smart Water Bottle – Pointless

Healthy eating has taken over and people are now watching what they eat more than ever. A significant shift is from sugary and carbonated drinks to simply water! This has made water bottles a must-have, creating a new line of thought- smart water bottle.

Reportedly, there is a potential market for this particular bottle, and it is expected to expand by 15% over the next few years. Why? The smart bottle will remind us that we are thirsty.

Do you really need a device that reminds you that you are thirsty? This is a natural process where signals are sent to the brain. So now we’ll need a device to tell us that we are hungry? Come on! (Source: ResearchNester)

16 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – Useful

When I think over-ear Bluetooth headphones, I think of the popular Beats by Dre headphones I see around. These headphones are your best friend because they have a control knob or buttons for controlling volume and changing songs. They also have great audio quality, allowing you to carry your music all through the day as you go about your chores, not missing the sound of your home theater booming.

Manufacturers have also gone out of their way to make these headphones as appealing as possible, allowing users to look stylish as they go about their daily business.

Depending on the brand, you could get different additional features.

15 Bluetooth Toaster – Pointless

Granted, we are getting busier by the day, hence lack the time to cook for ourselves, hence the increased popularity in takeouts. Still, we crave homemade food and try to squeeze in time to cook for ourselves. Technology has made the process faster through devices such as dishwashers, ovens, and toasters.

Griffin Technology thinks that we need to further make things easier, thereby inventing a connected toaster which uses Bluetooth technology to perfectly toast a slice. The toaster is controlled by an app that offers personalized settings for a great toast, and remembers it for the next time.

Isn’t this something that your toaster already does? (Source: Press.GriffinTechnology)

14 Totally Wireless Earbuds – Useful

There is nothing that ruins morning runs than the need to constantly pausing your runs to push in your earphones. Totally wireless earbuds solve this problem by being sturdily secured in your ear, without the risk of falling off as you run.

The sound quality is also amazing, isolating sound perfectly and delivering it is clearly audible volumes. They also have a long battery life, hence could be used for your morning workouts and immediately after for your daily commute to work. They fit in pockets and small purses, with a compact charging case, perfect for traveling light or when on holiday.

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13 Jagger & Lewis Smart Collar – Pointless

The Jagger & Lewis Smart Collar may seem like an amazing product because it won the CES 2017 wearable tech awards, but we still think it is pointless. It is designed to be clipped on your dog’s collar to monitor its health and well-being.

More specifically, there is embedded technology and algorithms that send an alert to your phone as soon as a problem is detected. After observing your dog for 3 to 7 days, the device checks the dog’s quality of sleep, stress levels, and hyperactivity, notifying you of any abnormalities.

This device is pointless because it simply tells us what a pet owner already knows. Do you really need an app to tell you that Rex is anxious today? You’ll simply notice it! (Source: Jagger-Lewis)

12 An Ergonomic Wireless Mouse – Useful

An ergonomic wireless mouse prevents wrist strain caused by the traditional mouse. It has a well-designed contoured body that cradles your thumb and pinky finger while supporting your palms. The mouse gives a more natural grip, easing tendon and muscle fatigue in your arm, elbow, and hand. It offers better support by being the right size for your hand, assumes a natural wrist position, eliminating the need to twist your forearm and requires less effort and energy when using it because it is not too slippery on the screen. (Source: Erognomic-Info)

11 Remote Control Cushion – Pointless

One common problem in every household is finding the remote control. It is a small gadget that we like to ignore until it gets lost in the living room and everyone’s temper flares up because they are a tiny step to catching their popular show.

So, to solve this annoying problem, a remote control that doubles up as a cushion is in the market. The remote control pillow is universal, compatible with up to 500 devices. When it comes to aesthetics, some users have called it ugly as well.

The next time your remote control gets lost between cushions, maybe, just maybe you could consider this remote control cushion.

10 A Fast Wireless Charging Stand – Useful

Tangled wires and lost charging cables are very annoying, especially when you make a business trip and once you settle in your hotel room to unpack, realize that you forgot your USB cable and only have the charger head. A fast wireless charging stand ensures that you don’t fumble with cables. The dedicated charging stand is always ready, providing wireless power whenever you place the device on the stand.

You can still use the phone while charging, navigating through music, receiving calls, and reviewing notifications without interrupting the charging process. An LED light is used to notify you when the phone has been placed incorrectly or the battery is full. (Source: Samsung)

9 Withings Hair Coach (Bluetooth Brush) – Pointless

Kérastase and L’Oréal are one of the most innovative brands in the beauty and cosmetics industry, but something went wrong with one of their products, Withings Hair Coach, which solved a non-existent problem.

The Bluetooth brush listens to your hair with a microphone. That’s not all. It is also fitted with accelerometer and gyroscope among other sensors, to provide a holistic hair assessment, also observing your brushing technique, listening for split-ends and vibrating to warn you when you are brushing too hard. The collected data is then synced to a dedicated smartphone app using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Got $200 to waste? Buy this brush. (Source: TrustedReviews)

8 A Lamp With A Wireless Charger Built-In – Useful

A lamp and wireless charger on your bedside or study table is a double treat. Now, imagine if this was one device-a lamp with a wireless charger built-in. This is a very innovative device that is a perfect desk accessory, which eliminates clutter by performing more than one function.

Some manufacturers have gone a step further by including a USB port for clients whose phones don’t support wireless charging. Better yet, these clients can read and charge two phones at the same time! Additionally, some devices have a time-saving memory function that restores the latest settings eliminating the need to adjust every time.

7 Denso Vacuum Shoes – Pointless

Too lazy to vacuum? Denso has a solution for you- vacuum shoes! Denso is a Japanese auto manufacturer, who in our humble opinion, should just stick to cars! The vacuum shoes are fitted with a small vacuum inside a very large outer sole, with a small pedal fitted at the heel, connected to motors.

As a result, every step the show wearer takes powers the vacuum motor, in turn sucking up small pieces of debris at a time. All this dust is then stored in a box the size of your Tic Tac mint box, also fitted inside the sole. So the next time you want to clean your carpet, just shoo-ver the floor as you walk! (Source: Youtube)

6 Wireless Baby Monitor With Camera – Useful

The wireless baby monitor with a camera has revolutionized parenting by allowing parents to sleep and rest more. This device eliminates the need to constantly leave your bedsheets as you go to check on the baby, by bringing the baby cot to your palms.

A Wi-Fi baby monitor means that there is no receiver, which needs to be moved from room to room as you move along. The feed is sent to your mobile phone. A parent also has access to the baby from anywhere, even at work, and some brands allow parents to extend access to more family members such as grandparents, aunties, and uncles.

The most important advantage is a cordless monitor eliminates chances of the baby getting entangled. (Source: Youtube)

5 Selective Electronic Cat Door – Pointless

This is a very funny one, although a 3-year old girl in love with her kitty will love it. The selective electronic cat door was invented to make sure that your neighbor’s cat or other animals for that matter, don’t sneak into your house to eat your cat’s food.

Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), your cat, and only your cat, has the exclusive right to entry, keeping its food safe. Now, we haven’t heard of the opposite invention, which is a wireless gadget that will now allow your cat to snack at the neighbor’s undetected but will not be shocked if it is already in the works.

4 A Small Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Useful

Hosting a pool party with a few of your friends and don’t want a giant speaker that could mistakenly get drenched by the poolside? Invest in a small, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that allows you to take the party into the pool, literally.

You can also use it when you need to relax alone, taking it with you as you dive deep and float on the pool, basking in the summer sun. You need not worry about the charge, some brands have been known to last 12 hours or a good bit longer, comfortably pairing with several devices.

There’s never a dull moment with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

3 Pool Temperature Sensor – Pointless

Nobody likes a swim in a cold pool water, right? But, does that mean that we need a lazy way of remotely finding out if the temperature is right? Turns out, an inventor found it thoughtful to design a pool temperature sensor that will remotely tell you the exact temperature, saving you time and effort to get to the pool.

To work, an electronic thermometer floats on top of the pool, sending occasional wireless messages to a receiver in your house. If you are lazier than that, maybe you could ask for an app to connect the receiver data to your phone so you don’t have to walk at all, and have all the info in bed? (Source: Homedepot)

2 A Sonos Wireless Speaker – Useful

Sonos does a great job telling us why a wireless speaker is superior to a Bluetooth speaker. A Sonos wireless speaker allows a user to play different songs in different rooms, at the same time, while Bluetooth does not. Unlike Bluetooth, one can control music all over the house from any room, and the party goes on even if you and your phone step out of the house.

If you are keen on audio quality, you will also notice that the Sonos wireless speaker delivers the purest most uncompressed audio possible, while Bluetooth can’t. There’s one problem though, this speaker can’t take your music to the park or beach. That is when you carry your Bluetooth speakers. (Source: Sonos)

1 Mail Box Alarm – Pointless

The whole idea for a mailbox alarm is to prevent time wastage walking to an empty mailbox. Whenever something is delivered, an alarm will be triggered, giving you a real reason to walk up to the mailbox. While the idea behind the accessory is noble-useful for the elderly and people with limited mobility, having an invisible mailbox, expecting delivery of something valuable, irregular mail delivery time, and poor weather, we can think of a ton of other options that eliminate the need for this device.

Elderly people are usually encouraged to exercise to prevent diseases like arthritis or deal with it as part of the physiotherapy process. Additionally, they mostly have caregivers who can walk up to the mailbox. Alternatively, anything special can be delivered at the doorstep.

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