10 True Romantic Love Stories That Will Make Your Heart Burst

Whether it be the way you grandpa swooped your grandma off her feet or that time your ex kissed you under a shooting star, truly nothing in life can warm a heart up like some good old fashioned true romantic love stories. What makes true romantic love stories particularly heart-warming is, of course, the fact that they’re true. They’re not a figment of anyone’s imagination. They really happened. And the fact that they really happened gives us all hope that maybe — just maybe — true romance isn’t reserved for just the movies.

I mean, let’s face it. We’ve all most likely seen hundreds and hundreds of movies and television shows with some outrageously romantic storylines. Remember when Monica proposed to Chandler? Remember when Jim made Pam that teapot filled with all of their inside jokes? Remember when Chuck flew to freaking Paris to get Blair her favorite macaroons? Obviously I can’t forget Noah writing Allie every day for a year. You get the picture. We’ve seen plenty of fake romantic gestures. In fact, we’ve seen so many fake ones that it can be hard to believe that any real semblances of romance still exist out there. If you’re feeling a little skeptical, do yourself a favor and read this list of real romantic moments from real women on Reddit.

He regularly schedules sentimental surprise date nights.


They went skinny dipping at a deserted beach.


He paused their conversation to express a sweet thought.


He wraps her up in a blanket as soon as she gets cold.


They had a surprise proposal in Venice.


They had a movie-worthy ice skating date.


They shared their first kiss under fireworks.


He drove three hours to cheer her up.


He rode her around San Francisco on his bike.


He reassured her at her lowest point.


BRB, need to go to hospital for my burst heart.

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