10 hilarious Elf on the Shelf fails from oven mishap to Holly Willoughby’s faux pas

Elf On The Shelf season is here, which means that households all over the world will be welcoming an elf into their homes to join them in the countdown for Christmas.

The tradition says that an elf comes into the family home to watch over children in the run up to Christmas and returns to Santa at the North Pole on Christmas Eve to report back on whether the children have been naughty or nice.

The story goes that Christmas elves remain silent spies and only come to life at night when the children are asleep, often getting into all sorts of mischief after the sun goes down. But in parents' quest to keep the magic alive, the elves can end up in some less than ideal situations.

Here are ten hilarious Elf on the Shelf fails, including a faux pas from Holly Willoughby and Mrs Hinch…

Holly Willoughby’s footless elf

TV star Holly left fans horrified as she posted a photo of her own Elf on the Shelf which looked entirely normal… except it was missing its feet. Posting a photo of the elf between a teddy bear and a potted plant, Holly captioned the image "Guess who’s back… #elfontheshelf”, to which one follower joked: “He's not gonna get up to many shenanigans with no feet!!" Another added: “Oh no poor elf had his feet amputated," followed by a crying emoji.

Mrs Hinch’s unfortunate rod placement

Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch got creative with a display of her Elf on a Shelf wrapped up warm and fishing in a pond, but was left red-faced once fans pointed out the unfortunate positioning of the fishing rod. With a candy cane sticking out from between the elf’s legs, she commented: “Well… I kinda wish I rethought elf’s rod if I’m honest.”

One parent’s toasty elf prank

After putting the elves in the oven to ‘warm-up’ after having been in the fridge, one mum popped out to do some shopping before receiving a call from the other half that the elves had been, well, incinerated. Posting the terrifying ‘after’ photos to Facebook, she commented: “To whomever this may help in this elf season BAKE COOKIES NOT ELVES! Parent lesson #48,573,728,485: don’t forget the elves were in the oven!!"

The snow paint floor stain

If your elves are planning to be creative with their message writing, it’s best to check whatever they’re using isn’t permanent. One mum learned this the hard way after she used a can of snow spray to write “We’re Back” on the kitchen floor, only to find it left a dark stain. One person suggested: “Definitely got your idea for tomorrow… elf jail for criminal damage."

The elf with the awkwardly-placed burn

Bob the elf was getting up to some mischief when he decided to hide in one of the light fixtures and got a little too close to the bulb, which burned a hole right through his crotch. The parent behind the fail warned others: “Throwback to that time we set our creepy elf on fire last year. OOOPS. Don’t let your elves sit on light fixtures, y’all”.

A battle of dog vs elf

Pets don’t always take too kindly to intruders in their space, which might be why this dog was having none of the poor elf being in his house. It ripped the head off Elf on the Shelf, but still looked pretty pleased when his owners made him pose for a photo wearing a sign that read: “I bit the head off the kid’s Christmas elf!!”

The ‘sleeping’ elf

If you’re an Elf on the Shelf household, you’ll know how exhausting it can be remembering to move the elf around each day. When one family forgot to move the elf, they quickly improvised by throwing him on the floor and explaining to their daughter: “He must be exhausted and landed on the floor face down because he’s tired and the trip to and from the North Pole is far.” Makes sense to us!

The elf that ‘fell’ in the toilet

This owner got imaginative and tried to set the elf up in its own toilet scene, but things got a little grosser than intended when the toy ended up slipping into the bowl. The culprit wrote: “Elfette took a chocolate chip dump but fell in. (NOT INTENTIONAL!!!)”.

Elf’s cryptic toothpaste message

While its always fun to have the elves write messages to the kids, its best to make sure your writing material of choice is sturdy enough to last the night. One parent wrote a message in toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, only to find it had disintegrated by morning. "Note to self," they wrote, "Next year wait till morning to write Poohs note on mirror."

The snowman nose rejection centre

Equal parts creative and terrifying, one parent went more Halloween than Christmas with a scene that showed their elf destroying snowman carrot noses in a cheese grater. Sadly, the kids were not a fan and it didn't go down well.

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