10 Futuristic Appliances Hitting The Market Sooner Than You Think

We all have ideas of what the future could look like in terms of technological advancements, but some of them are closer to becoming reality than you think. Appliances are one such area that has begun to see improvements, and 2020 is bringing about the release of some awesome products.

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We have compiled a list of some amazing appliances that are straight from the future. The release of these items will bring nothing but joy and optimism as we take leaps and bounds toward a more efficient lifestyle. Keep reading to learn about ten futuristic appliances hitting the market sooner than you think!

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10 The Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer Removes Every Stain

The Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer aims to remove the toughest stains with their Steam Treat option and a Kids Wear Cycle. These ensure that all tough stains are removed, whether it’s a pesky grass stain or from a glass of spilled red wine.

It also accelerates the wash process with their Accela Wash® which uses a combination of active spray and rinse nozzles to help you get through loads faster. It is customizable to different types of fabrics as well, with 9 custom cycles that adjust to thoroughly clean an item in the safest way possible to preserve all types of difficult fabrics.

9 Bosch Dishwashers Clean and Dry Like Never Before

Bosch has come out with a dishwasher that utilizes zeolite crystals. They call it CrystalDry, and it prevents your dishware from every accruing those nasty water stains. This is formulated specifically for plastic dishes, so you can forget drying them after the cycle is finished.

This technology has been around since 2015, but since then it has expanded to include AutoAir and PrecisionWash™. AutoAir automatically releases the door at the end of the cycle to allow excess moisture to escape, while PrecisionWash™ has sensors that scan dirty dishes and target any food that has yet to be removed.

8 Smart Microwaves That Ensure Your Food Is Cooked Perfectly

This was unveiled back in 2018, but it has yet to truly hit the overall marketplace as a big trend. These nifty machines not only sync up with your smart home, but they can scan barcodes and can avoid drying out the food. They contain sensors that scan the food throughout the process to ensure it is cooked to perfection.

This product also has a touchscreen interface and the ability to recognize your regular food options to tailor the quickstart menu to your particular needs. They also have antimicrobial properties as well as an adjusted interior to prevent bacteria buildup and allow for easy cleanup.

7 GHSP Smart Digital Backsplash to Make Your Kitchen Virtual

This might not have a release date yet, but it will once GSHP finds a partner willing to build and market the product. This backsplash creates an interface that is focused on those who spend a lot of time in their kitchens. It can do anything your smartphone can, and control everything in the entire house.

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You can watch a show, pull up a recipe, or even turn off your oven directly from this screen. GSHP’s goal is to create a virtual environment that all users are comfortable with, and soon we might all have the ability to have our very own smart backsplash in our homes.

6 LG HomeBrew So You Can Enjoy Draft From Home

If you are someone who enjoys craft beer and the taste of a freshly brewed draft, then the LG HomeBrew is the device for you. This will create a specialty gallon of beer through the use of specialty capsules to give consumers the flavor they desire. It takes about two weeks for the product to ferment and it can all be monitored directly through their app.

The device will control the temperature and pressure of the mixture, which anyone who has tried to make their own alcohol at home knows is the hardest part. It is not on the market yet, but we can’t wait for its release in the coming years.

5 Silo Smart Vacuum Containers That Keep Your Food Fresh

This is still in the production phase and has not yet been released to the market, but it is something we wanted yesterday. This product vacuum seals food based on its type and weight and gives you updates on its expiration date. The device is connected to Amazon Alexa and provides you with specialty containers so nothing ever goes to waste. Your food will stay fresher for longer and you never have to worry about eating spoiled food ever again.

4 KitchenAid’s Smart Oven+ Gives Modern Chefs Flexibility

This oven gives any chef the flexibility they desire in their kitchen by making their device capable of four different cooking methods. There is the standard heating element, but it also includes the option to steam, bake on stone, or even grill.

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This takes cooking to a whole other level, especially in the commercial sense, as it gives chefs more options with a single device. It can even be controlled through your smartphone, as it has wifi capabilities so you can save your favorite recipes, monitor your food, and set your oven to preheat when you are on your way home.

3 GE’s Kitchen Hub Brings the Digital World to You

This was just launched in May of 2019 and it will transform your kitchen into a virtual kingdom. This device is a screen that fits over your oven and acts as a ventilation system. It comes with Google Assistant, tons of recipes, and access to multiple music and TV platforms.

It is similar to the digital backsplash mentioned earlier, but it is done on a much smaller scale. The main difference is the cameras that make it easy for internet personalities and avid chefs to record themselves while creating masterpieces in the kitchen.

2 Kohler’s Sensate Faucet Acts on Voice Commands

This beauty hit the market just this year and it is out of this world. Your faucet probably needs to be cleaned after every cooking adventure, but this faucet makes the process so much more hygienic.  It has a sensor beneath it to recognize when a dish is ready to be rinsed so you never have to touch it with your grimy hands ever again.

It even remembers the previous set temperature so you don’t have to continually wait for the hot water to turn on again. It also responds to voice commands as well, so you can fill your measuring cup to an exact amount. A faucet wouldn’t be complete without an app either, which they have, and it warns you of any unusual water usage.

1 Heatworks Water Heater MeansYou No Longer Have to Wait for Water to Boil

If you are a tea drinker then you understand the struggle of waiting for your water to become hot enough to drink. Heatworks has created a carafe that heats your water as it is poured into your cup.

All you have to do is pour cold water in, and out comes water as hot as you would like it. There will be zero risks of electrocution and it will be battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry about finding a socket. This product isn’t for sale just yet, but with the recent patent they received, we can expect to see it in the coming years.

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