10 Actors Who Are Getting Paid More Than A Million Dollars Per Episode

These actors are bringing in the big bucks for just one episode!

Movie stars aren’t the only ones getting paid millions for their on screen appearances anymore! As of late, it’s becoming increasingly common for the stars of television shows and miniseries to bring home major paydays for their work. Some stars are even getting paid as much as a million dollars per episode — something that used to be practically unheard of and was reserved for the stars of record-breaking shows like “Friends.”

Nowadays, there’s more than a few actors and actresses who have hit the million dollar mark per episode, according to Variety. While some stars have to work their way there through contract renegotiations, others are getting their payout before their show even premieres. Regardless of how they got there, it’s clear that these are some of the highest paid stars in Hollywood.

Find out which actors are making millions per episode…

1. Jason Sudeikis – “Ted Lasso”

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Jason Sudeikis currently brings in about $1 million per episode of “Ted Lasso,” which he stars in as well as serves as head writer and executive producer. In the series, he plays the show’s titular character who moves from Kansas to England to take over coaching a professional soccer team, despite having no experience with the sport. Following the wrap of the show’s second season, which by then had earned 20 Emmy nominations, both writers and the cast opted to renegotiate their salaries. For Jason, that meant a pay raise that will see him bringing in millions by the end of season three.

2. Paul Rudd – “The Shrink Next Door”

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Paul Rudd brought in a major payday in his new Apple+ series “The Shrink Next Door,” reportedly earning $1 million per episode over the course of the eight-episode series. In the show, which is based on a true story, he takes on the role of Dr. Isaac Herschkopf, a narcissistic, manipulative psychologist who preys on his patient and eventually takes over his life.

3. Will Ferrell – “The Shrink Next Door”

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Paul’s “The Shrink Next Door” co-star Will Ferrell earned a similar salary on the series, also reportedly being paid $1 million per episode. Will stars opposite Paul, playing Marty Markowitz, the wealthy and vulnerable patient of Dr. Isaac Herschkopf, who turns to the psychologist for help dealing with his anxiety. Instead, he ends up falling under his control for decades.

4. Mahershala Ali – “The Plot”

“The Plot” hasn’t yet premiered but Mahershala Ali has already made millions off of Disney’s Onyx Collective limited series. The actor is reportedly bringing in $1.3 million per episode of the upcoming show, which follows a struggling author who is presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity that involves committing an act of literary theft. In the wake of his crime, he must protect himself and the life he’s built while being threatened by someone who knows his secret.

5. Elisabeth Moss – “Shining Girls”

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Elisabeth Moss’ recent AppleTV+ series “Shining Girls” is said to have made her millions, earning an impressive $1.1 million per episode. In the psychological thriller, Elisabeth portrays Kirby, a newspaper archivist who survives a brutal attack that leaves her in a constantly shifting reality. She makes it her mission to catch her murderous attacker — who has plans to do the same to several other women.

6. Michael Keaton – “Dopesick”

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Michael Keaton earned $1 million per episode on Hulu’s miniseries “Dopesick,” playing the lead role of Dr. Samuel Finnix, a small town Virginia doctor who was persuaded by a Purdue Pharma salesman to prescribe OxyContin for his patients. In the process, he inadvertently gets both his patients and himself addicted to the painkiller. In addition to millions of dollars, the role also earned Michael a Golden Globe, and an Emmy nomination.

7. Kevin Costner – “Yellowstone”

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Kevin Costner became one of the highest paid television actors of today when he signed on for the fourth season of “Yellowstone,” which is reportedly earning him $1.3 million per episode. Kevin takes the lead in the series, portraying patriarch John Dutton, as he and his family try to protect the Yellowstone Ranch from land developers in rural Montana. Since the show premiered in 2018, Kevin has doubled his salary from his reported original $500,000 per episode. With the show’s season four finale breaking viewership records, it’s likely he’ll be able to negotiate once again.

8. Harrison Ford – “1923”

“Yellowstone” prequel “1923” is also set to provide some major paydays, reportedly earning Harrison Ford $1 million per episode of the upcoming series. Not much is known about his role in the show although the series is set to focus on the Dutton family as they struggle to survive “historic drought, lawlessness and prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft” amid Montana’s great depression and the end of World War I.

9. Helen Mirren – “1923”

Helen Mirren is also poised to make $1 million per episode of the upcoming “Yellowstone” prequel. Details have not been revealed about her character but the series is set to premiere on Paramount+ in December 2022.

10. Sylvester Stallone – “Tulsa King”

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Sylvester Stallone is currently in the middle of filming upcoming mob drama “Tulsa King,” which is set to make him $1 million per episode. The actor will portray New York mafia capo Dwight “The General” Manfredi following his release from prison after spending 25 years behind bars. When his boss sends him to set up shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dwight realizes he may not have his best interests in mind and begins to build a crew to help him establish a new criminal empire. The series will premiere on November 13, 2022 on Paramount+.

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