Yes, You CAN Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Yes, you can still celebrate their little one with friends and family with a virtual baby shower. Virtual baby showers aren’t a new thing, and they won’t stop once the world returns to normal. They’ve been held for years for parents to be who live long distances away from family and friends, and allow those nearest and dearest to your heart (but not your physical proximity) to be present for celebrating the tiny life about to enter the world. Virtual baby showers are a liiiiittle different from regular ones, but the same basics apply; invitations, chic yet sweet decor, games, activities, gifts for the new mom and baby, even favors for the guests can still happen with some planning ahead of time.

There is so much uncertainty when you’re pregnant, which is now compounded by the uncertainty of the fate of the world during the coronavirus. Some moms are weighing if the pros and cons of a last minute home birth are safer than going to the hospital during the pandemic. New moms are trying to enjoy their pregnancy without their tribe of friends and family, without the certainty of safety, wearing masks to ultrasound appointments- they can’t even satisfy that late night fast food craving! Who knows what tomorrow will bring, the coronavirus is ever changing and we’re learning more and more about it each day. But whatever happens, a baby shower is something a new mom can count on, and we’ve got all the essentials for making it happen. From the invites, to actually fun baby shower games (shockingly not an oxymoron), gifts and more, we’ve rounded up all the ways for the new mom in your life to feel loved and lavished — even only on Zoom.

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