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Why Nev Schulman’s Pregnant Wife ‘Melted Down’ Over Her Body

Back in 2016, when Nev Schulman’s wife, Laura Perlongo, was pregnant with the couple’s daughter, Cleo, taking a yoga class didn’t require a babysitter. Perlongo could just hop in a cab. But things are different this time around for the New York City-based producer, who is expecting a baby boy next month. 

“It was easier to be healthy and active during the first pregnancy ‘cause we didn’t have a toddler,” Schulman, 34, told Us Weekly on Monday, December, 3, while promoting season 8 of Catfish

According to Perlongo, she put on 20 pounds in her first trimester. 

“I gained a lot of weight really fast with this one and then kind of had a meltdown and was like, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ And then I realized what I was eating and I wasn’t taking care of myself,” Perlongo added. “I wasn’t working out. I was just giving into every craving.”

That’s when Perlongo “checked herself” and made it a priority to hit the gym four times a week. (Her favorite machine at the moment is the Elliptical.) “I haven’t gained much more,” she told Us. “I just redistributed the weight that was all going to my butt to my belly.” 

Schulman pointed out that avoiding junk food in December will be tough. “Coming into the holidays third trimester is a recipe for disaster,” the MTV personality quipped. “Laura has been having hot chocolate almost every week.”

“That’s true!” she replied. “I put myself on a, like, a no refined sugar diet for a little bit, but I’ve been off it the last couple of weeks and I’m really indulging in cookie plates.”And Schulman agreed. “Since Thanksgiving it’s been downhill,” he joked.

With two years of parenting under their belts, Schulman and Perlongo are in a good groove and share similar views on child-rearing. 

“I think a lot of people are rolling their eyes at millennial parents and how we’re so crazy about organic, but I think we’re pretty chill,” Schulman told Us. “I went shopping for food and on the way up the escalator, my little container with a piece of grilled salmon fell onto the escalator and I just picked it up and served it to Cleo!”

With Perlongo’s January 14 due date fast approaching, the pair recently took a three-day baby moon in Turks and Caicos. 

“Just to stay in bed in the morning was so nice. I mean it was great. It was the first time since Cleo was born that we had time to ourselves,” Schulman revealed. Perlongo noted that Schulman has been more attentive to her needs since they returned from the trip. 

“He finally realized, because we’re so focused on Cleo honestly, he realized, ‘Oh, I’m struggling to breathe when I walk upstairs,’” she explained. “He was really able to see me away from all the chaos of the everyday life, like, ‘Wow, she’s actually uncomfortable.’” And since we’ve gotten back, it’s been really nice.”

Catfish airs Fridays on MTV at 9 p.m. ET.

With reporting by Carly Sloane 

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