Why Kiera Knightley Hopes Her Daughters ‘Don’t Listen’ When They’re Teens

Some parents would give anything for their kids to listen to them, but Kiera Knightley feels a little differently. The Charlotte actress recently shared that she hopes her daughters don’t listen when they’re older.

Knightley shares daughters Edie, 6, and Delilah, 2, with husband James Righton. In an interview with PEOPLE published today, she talked about her views on fashion and makeup, believing “less is more.” And while she teaches her daughters the same, she also hopes they will follow their own sense of style instead of copying their mom.

“I really hope that they don’t listen to me when they’re teenagers,” she said. “And they pile [makeup] on their faces and they do completely extraordinary punk-like things because that’s the point of being a teenager.”

Exactly! Despite what perfectly curated TikTok accounts of teen influencers would you believe, the teen years aren’t supposed to be perfect. Teens aren’t supposed to have perfect fashion or makeup skills — you’re meant to have embarrassing photos with too much eye makeup that your own kids will one day tease you about. How else will you develop your own sense of self?

Knightley doesn’t believe in the fake perfect life on social media either. She told PEOPLE she doesn’t have any accounts because, “I’d just get obsessed with trying to make my life look much more perfect than it is, and that sounds quite exhausting. Honestly…I just think it’s a wormhole I don’t need to go down.”

In the past, Knightley has opened up about how she’s teaching her daughters about consent at an early age. She sounds like such a down-to-earth mom, and her daughters are lucky to have Knightley as an example in their lives. Even if she hopes they don’t follow in their mom’s footsteps too closely!

Even when you’re famous, Mom Guilt is a thing, as these celebrity moms show.

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