What Demi Lovato and Lizzo Have to Do With Kelly Rowland's Fabletics Line

Kelly Rowland releases her new Kelly Rowland x Fabletics collection today, Tuesday, September 10. And on her second go-around with the brand, she’s getting personal. “My friends have inspired me for so long, but it’s also the other women,” she tells Us Weekly exclusively of her creative journey to the new 10-outfit, 16-style collection that comes in sizes XXS to 3X.

“I saw a post that Demi Lovato put up the other day” — an unretouched bikini picture showing cellulite — says Rowland. “I love Demi’s vibe. Because I have a trunk, you know what I mean? We have fun. We’re Texas girls. We’re not shy about our bodies and I was so proud to watch that, for her to show that to young women.”

The Kelly Rowland Edition singer, 38, has been inspired by the body-positive movement in everything from her gym clothes to her music. “It’s just so many women, different body styles and types that are out here really making a statement and allowing women to really walk in their own bodies,” she says.

The movement, as well as her own maturity, have even affected the Destiny’s Child alum’s own workout routine. “Honestly, my fitness goals have changed, because my body is changing. My fitness goal is just to be strong and toned everywhere, because I’m just learning that, as life progresses, things definitely shift,” notes Rowland. “Like if my core is weaker it can affect my back. If my butt is weaker it can affect my freaking feet!” But, she notes, “If I keep everything strong, I keep myself strong physically, mentally and spiritually. I can take on anything. I can do anything.”

Some of the celebrities motivating her wellness efforts? “I have women that inspire me to be my greatest self like Jennifer Lopez and Lizzo. They look incredible.”

Rowland stays strong by hitting the gym five days a week. “I like to go to Pilates, I’m loving Pilates because I feel like it stretches me out after I’m doing weights or something like that,” she says. “I go to a class with girlfriends of mine … It changes during the week because I get bored and I like to make sure that I’m switching things up and having fun with my workouts.”

Scroll through to see some of the bold looks Rowland has designed so you can bring more fun to your workouts too!

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