Wait, Do Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Not Let Their Son Walk Anywhere?

While we’re absolutely onboard with celebrities keeping their children out of the spotlight, sometimes doing so can leave them open for wild speculation. That wild speculation is what was going on in our minds, anyway, when Ellen DeGeneres teased Mila Kunis that Ashton Kutcher never lets their son walk anywhere. Could this be true?

While speaking with Kunis about the celebrity couple taking two days off from parenting to go shoot their Cheetos Super Bowl commercial, DeGeneres quipped, “So that means Ashton put Bear down? He actually let him walk on his own?”

The Bear she is referring to is Dimitri, Kunis and Kutcher’s now 4-year-old son. Back in December 2018, DeGeneres would always see Kunis and Kutcher walking by outside her house with then 2-year-old Dimitri strapped into a hiking backpack on Kutcher’s back.


“The young boy that never walks is how old?” joked DeGeneres at the time. Kutcher defended himself, insisting, “He walks!” but DeGeneres doubled down, explaining to the 2018 audience, “He never puts him down.”

(This is, we should say, a joke directed at parents who coddle their kids — not at anyone who actually can’t walk.)

Kutcher explained that the backpack carrier was the only way to walk with Dimitri, whom we’ve only ever seen as a torso, all the way down to the beach from their house: “Otherwise it’s a whole wrangling session with the kid.” But, the actor dad said he had started taking his son out of the carrier when they got into sight of the talk show host’s house and telling him to run so DeGeneres could see him — and he wouldn’t have to hear her criticism anymore. “I’m like, ‘Go, go, go! Run, little sucker!’” he said.


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Whether or not DeGeneres ever saw the display Kutcher made Bear put on for her, while talking to Kunis this week, she reiterated this accusation: “I’ve never seen that child  walk on his own. Ashton carries him everywhere.”

“It’s only funny to me and you cause it’s true,” Mila said, laughing. “He’s going to be a grown man and expect to be carried because that’s just how you’ve trained him,” DeGeneres deadpanned.

Of course, Dimitri-aka-Bear definitely walks by now. At least we think. Kunis and Kutcher are pretty private about their kids, who also include 6-year-old daughter Wyatt. Back in September 2019, Kutcher posted a pic of him and his wife at Disneyland, and though the kids aren’t pictured, it seems like they were probably there, too, right?


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We got to see a glimpse of Kunis and Kutcher’s life in their Super Bowl commercial, though. In a house that’s not really theirs, probably. With Shaggy providing a soundtrack, live, which we’re guessing isn’t an accurate representation of daily life in their household either. With Mila constantly crunching on Cheetos. Extremely unlikely as well, now that we think about it. But the commercial was really cute!


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Perhaps Kutcher and Kunis could share a video of Bear’s legs, or feet even, walking, just to shut down Degeneres’s teasing once and for all. Just ankles down? No identifying marks? Oh, never mind. Degeneres will probably never let this running joke go. Once comedians find something funny, they never do!

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