Victoria's Secret Model Elsa Hosk Is Taking Flack for Sharing Naked Baby Pics

Model Elsa Hosk is catching heat for stripping down in a nude photo shoot with her infant daughter.

“Let me tell you about the city where I fell in love with your dad…” Hosk captioned the Instagram pics which were shot in New York City. In the photos, the model poses by a window and on a bed while holding her 7-month-old daughter Tuulikki, whom she shares with her partner Tom Daly.

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While many of Hosk’s 6.8 million Instagram followers left heart emojis on the images, some questioned the appropriateness of showing her daughter naked and shared concern for any “creepy” followers. Others accused the model of seeking attention. “Anything for the GRAM..This is just weird, I wouldn’t want to see myself as a baby naked with my Mama,” someone wrote. Another added that because Hosk is from another country (Sweden), she might have different cultural beliefs about nudity.

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Parents love to take photos of their babies in their birthday suits. That newborn skin, those adorable chub rolls, their tiny bellies — moms and dads usually want to capture the moment, knowing that their sleep-deprived brains likely won’t remember all the details. Plus, how else can parents embarrass their kids when they’re older without bathtub photos to show future dates?! And in Hosk’s case, maybe walking the runway in lingerie has made her see clothing as optional.

Honestly, our biggest concern with these photos is the absence of a diaper in a swanky hotel room with high thread-count sheets. That seems like a disaster waiting to happen. But one person might have said it best: “Mind your business. It’s her baby and her choice.”

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