Try ‘Biggest Loser’ Host Bob Harper’s 7-Minute Do-Anywhere Core Workout

Missing the gym and worried about all those quarantine snacks? Bob Harper is here to help! The Biggest Loser host and three-time best-selling author shared a core workout with Us Weekly that he promises can be done anywhere, by nearly anyone — so there are no excuses for not moving off the sofa while you’re self-isolating amid the coronavirus shutdown.

Watch the exclusive Do-Anywhere Workout above to see how to get a mini calorie-burn and get your tummy tight by summer.

Harper, 54, who survived a near-fatal heart attack at the gym three years ago, told Us in May 2019 that the time since his shocking health scare has “been a journey of self-discovery.”

“It’s been a real personal, and powerful, time in my life,” he explained. “I have found that what I needed to do was just basically relinquish control. When I had my heart attack, I had to find myself asking for help. So, my doctors, my family, friends, support team, they were really there for me, and guided me through this new part of my life.”

Ahead of the Biggest Loser finale on Tuesday, March 31, Harper’s costars, trainers Steve Cook and Erica Lugo, shared their tips for how to stay fit while sitting and bingeing Netflix amid the COVID-19 quarantine.

“Use your commercial breaks wisely,” the trainers told Us exclusively on Monday, March 30, suggesting that TV watchers can “do a different exercise during each commercial break.”

“Focus on changing the movement, if you did push-ups last commercial than do a lower body (squats/lunges) or core (plank/crunches) moment next,” the fitness pros explained. “It’s amazing how much you can get done during 2-3 minutes.”

Watch the video above for Harper’s easy-to-follow workout that will help you to tone and get some easy cardio in as well.

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