Tina Knowles Breaks Out Killer Dance Moves With Blue Ivy

Tina Knowles isn’t a regular grandma; she’s a cool grandma. I mean, would you expect anything less? In her latest display of being a totally badass mom and gran, Knowles had a dance-off with 6-year-old Blue Ivy — and yes, it was as amazing as it sounds. 

The dance competition took place during a family vacation in the South of France. As the family hung out on a beautiful boat, Knowles and Blue Ivy broke out their dance moves to the tune of Jay-Z’s new single, "Apeshit." 

Knowles blessed us with an Instagram video of the dance competition — and if anyone needs me, I’ll be watching it on a loop for the rest of the day. "This is my dance-off with Blue," Knowles captioned the Instagram video. "She beat me of course! We had to make up an original dance move. My awkward shoulder move was my made up dance. i know it’s wrong but my competition is only 6. She killed it though!!!  #aboutthatcaftanlife."

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself, Tina — that awkward shoulder move is art. Plus, you are owning that caftan life. 

Competing with Blue is an uphill battle, but Knowles appears to be enjoying herself on vacation despite losing the dance-off. On Tuesday, she cheerfully shared an adorable video in which she announced it was "corny joke time" and shared a knock-knock joke. 

So, how can we get in on these epic family vacations? I personally have an ample supply of dance moves and knock-knock jokes to contribute. 

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