Tiffani Thiessen Talks Challenges of Parenting amid Pandemic: 'I'm Trying to Focus on the Silver Linings'

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"Especially for Harper, she's a social kid. She misses her friends and her teachers. She probably likes the teachers telling her what she should be doing instead of her mother," she laughs. "But she's doing great and we're definitely getting into a better rhythm. I love that we're able to be together. I adore my family."

And the key to her and her husband's positive partnership during this time? Communication.

"When we don't communicate, that's when I know things don't go great because we're not able to get the things that are important to us as people done and making sure our kids are getting the things that they need done and also their emotional needs met," she says. "So communication is key."

"Know that it's not going to be forever," she says of the coronavirus. "I wake up every day knowing it's not going to be forever. I really try to stay positive with the silver linings because there's so many of them and truly, I have to remind myself of that."

Smith has documented some of the family’s creativity with an Instagram series titled “Random Acts of Drawness,” during which Smith makes a drawing and the kids guess what it is.

Also during her time at home, the Saved by the Bell actress says she and her family have done a lot of painting, chalk drawing and baking. Recently, the mother of two partnered with Nature's Bakery to highlight the company's "Snack Sized Adventures," which she says Harper is loving.

“It's all in one place,” she says of the company’s microsite, whatonearthshouldidowithmykids.com. “Like sometimes I can't think of an idea out of my head. This is all right there. And it's all based on really good ways to be creative and bond with your family without having to have the iPads and the screens.”

The group’s next project will be decorating their shoes with fabric markers and gems — a project she found on the site.

“The kids have enjoyed the fact that we can all be together,” she says. “Family is very important and I don't know how I could have done it without them, truly.”

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