Thomas Rhett Did a Fan's Sex Reveal & Welcomed Them Into a Very Special Club

Thomas Rhett gave some fans a life-changing experience they will never forget. At a recent concert in Denver, the country music singer did a couple’s sex reveal, and the video is too cute to miss. The expectant mom and dad were standing close to the stage with the sign, “Life changes, one year anniversary today, first baby on the way. Can you tell us if it’s going to be a boy or a girl?” Taped to the poster was an envelope with the results and confetti inside.

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Rhett took the sign on the stage and read the message to the crowd. “Gosh it’s taped so well,” he said into the microphone as he tried to take it off the sign.

“Drum roll please,” he said before tossing pink confetti in the air.

And you better believe the crowd went absolutely wild! The “Die a Happy Man” singer then handed the couple the paper with the results before hunting for a Sharpie and writing what seemed to be a long message on the poster and signing it. Talk about a special keepsake! And a special night.

“Welcome to the girl club, my friend,” Rhett said into the mic. He then captioned his post, “I’m so familiar with this pink confetti 🤣 congratulations y’all! Thanks for letting me be a part of this moment.”

Because, ICYMI, Rhett is “the captain of the girl dads,” as one commenter called him. He shares Willa Gray, 7, Ada James, 5, Lennon Love, 2, and Lillie Carolina, 1 with his wife Lauren Akins, and it’s clear he’s head over heels for the four cuties.

“Thank you so much [Thomas Rhett] for making this moment so special for us! 🩷 we will never forget it! So excited to be part of the ‘Girls Club!’” the mom-to-be captioned her own post.

“As soon as you looked inside I knew it was a girl!!!” one commenter said. “Girl dads are just different! ❤️”

With this special act, Rhett joined a host of celebrities who have done similar sex reveals for their fans.

  • Adele

    Image Credit: Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

    Earlier this month, Adele told a couple the sex of their baby at a show in Vegas. The special moment had the “Rolling in the Deep” singer in tears.

    “I’m so happy for you,” Adele said, after sharing that the expectant parents were having a baby boy. She then asked Shantelle to do her sex reveal “if and when” she gets pregnant. No big deal.

  • Beyoncé

    Image Credit: Christopher Polk/Variety via Getty Images

    Beyoncé did the same thing for fans at a concert in Germany.

    “I wanna do this right because since the beginning of the show, I’ve seen this sign…so do I have to open the envelope?” the “Love On Top” singer asked before telling the expectant mom that she was having a baby girl. “Congratulations! Congratulations, beautiful! God bless you!”

    “Imagine being the child in the womb … when she grows up she can say: ‘Beyoncé did my gender reveal!’ I’d put this on my resume and never shut up about it,” a fan said on Twitter.


  • Harry Styles

    Image Credit: Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

    Even “Watermelon Sugar” singer Harry Styles has done a fan’s sex reveal.

    In a video posted to Instagram, per TMZ, Styles took a fan’s black balloon that said “Boy or girl?” written on it. He popped it on stage to pink confetti to reveal the fan was having a girl.

    So it’s clear that Rhett isn’t the only one to make fans’ dreams come true by letting them know the sex of their baby, and we cert

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