This Vintage Clip of Goldie Hawn Explaining How a Ouija Board Predicted Her Pregnancy Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine

Have you ever had one of those eerily unexplainable moments — a happening that’s so wholly undoubtable but entirely incomprehensible, it shakes you to your core? Goldie Hawn had one of her own in the 1980s, and a clip of the actress telling the tale on The Oprah Winfrey Show in ’87 recently resurfaced to send chills down our spines.

Hawn told Oprah and the audience that she and her partner, Kurt Russell, decided one night after a few glasses of wine to use their kids’ Ouija board for pure sh*ts and giggles before throwing it out.

“Kurt is absolutely skeptical as you can be,” she explained, continuing, “God is my witness — we did the Ouija board. I was taking the letters down and Kurt was blindfolded on one end, and our nanny at that point was also a very dear friend, was on the other end, and they could not see where this thing was going,” referring to the planchette.

“It stopped at every letter; I wrote it down. … I said, ‘Who is with us now?’ It said, ‘New baby Russell.’”

“I get the chills just thinking about it,” Hawn said, continuing, “I said, ‘Do you know what you want to be?’ It spelled out ‘Happy.’ I said, ‘Who is willing you in?’” She looked at the audience in earnest, saying, “It spelled out, I promise you, ‘Oliver’” — the name of her eldest son.

She continued, “Not ‘O, maybe L.’ It was ‘O-L-I-V-E-R.’ Inside, I’m, like, screaming.” Hawn explained, “[Kurt and our friend] don’t know what’s happening here because they can’t see the board. With that, Oliver woke up. He comes running downstairs; it’s like two in the morning. ‘Mommy,’ he said, ‘I’m scared.’ He woke up, he had some weird thing happen to him when he was sleeping. Nightmare.”

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The actress went on, “I put him back up to bed, came back to the board. Suddenly I said, ‘Do you know that you’re coming to me?’” She revealed the answer: “‘Yes, bye bye mommy,’ off the board” as she mimed the planchette veering away from the letters.

After trilling the spooky “do-do-do-do” tune, she exclaimed, “So anyway, when the baby came and we were in the hospital and everything was joyous, Oliver came and he picked the baby up and he laid down on the bed with him. He said, ‘Mom, I can’t believe he’s here and he’s mine.’” She looked at the crowd and at Oprah for a moment, then said, “It’s an enormous connection.”

Some things you truly just can’t explain — the world is a mysterious place, indeed.

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