This TikTok-Viral Pacifier Is Said To Be The 'Best Pacifier For Newborns' & It Comes In A Four-Pack For $10

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When shopping for pacifiers, it’s harder than you think. One is too abrasive, one falls off too much, and then there’s always one our kids hate for no reason. But thanks to TikTok, there may be an amazing pacifier for your newborn.

Back in Nov. 2021, a TikToker by the name of @mulanruiz posted a TikTok called “Mommy Must-Haves Part 2” that went instantly viral for the Amazon products she showed. On the TikTok, she showed a plethora of products, including something she called “the perfect pacifier.” She added that it “doesn’t rub on chin or cause irritation on baby’s sensitive skin.”

You can see the TikTok HERE, and snag the notable pacifiers for only $10 on Amazon.

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Nanobebe Baby Pacifiers (4PK)



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The Nanobebe Baby Pacifiers
are award-winning pacifiers designed for optimal comfort for newborn and breastfeeding babies. Both super soft and flexible, these pacifiers are so comfy for your newborn to sleep with. Along with being super safe, it discourages nipple confusion while staying in the baby’s mouth throughout naptime. And let’s face it, they’re super cute as well!

Not only is TikTok going gaga for these pacifiers, but so is Amazon. With over 3,000 reviews, nearly all of which are at five stars, it’s no wonder these have become a staple in so many households.

The top review said, “I love these pacifiers, and let me tell you…They are perfect!! I like that they are soft and pliable making them comfortable for my preemie to use. They are extremely lightweight so he was able to keep this pacifier in his mouth easily. I also like the cut-out for the nose because it seems to be more comfortable for him. These are the only pacifiers we use now and I can’t recommend them enough, especially if you have a preemie.”

Another added that her newborn loves it, saying, “This gives me a couple of hours apiece during the day. I love it and I’ll definitely buy it again. My daughter loves it and she’s not attached to it.”

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