This Reddit User is Refusing to Invite His Cousins Over Because of Their Misbehaving Kids — Is That Fair?

What do you do if your family member has misbehaving kids? That’s the awkward quandary one Reddit user is facing and she took to AITA forum to get opinions. “My cousin ‘Dave'(28m) and I(30f) were close growing up. We used to have a blast planning parties together and seeing them come to life,” she began. “…[I] invited his family over for a welcome home party. At first things were going great but then his kids started in. When I say they are terrors, I mean I’ve never seen such wild kids.”

The children, she explained, ended up “destroying” the house. They “terrorized” the cats, knocked over a cabinet and hurt her son. All the while, Dave and his wife laughed everything off. The Reddit user decided to give the kids another shot and invited them to a party in the park. “The police ended up getting called when his kids pushed another kid off of the top of the playground,” she wrote. “Dave and his wife didn’t even apologize. Yet alone watch their kids. It was at that moment I decided they weren’t invited to my house or my parties.”

Later, she threw a fun get together for her son and his friends. She put a ton of work into it, hanging up lights, throwing 200 glow sticks at the bottom of the pool and setting up a movie projector.

“I ended up posting pictures online and my cousin lost his mind,” she wrote. “He called me yelling that his kids would have loved to come and I was a crap person for not inviting them. I told him they would have been invited if he could control his kids better.” Now, her family is mad at her for making such a resolute decision and leaving her family members out. “AITA…for not inviting my cousin’s family because his kids are out of control?” she asked. “I could have set it up for them to come to instead of excluding them.”

Reddit came through with one particularly proactive solution to this whole situation, which received more than 3,000 upvotes. “NTA,” a user wrote. “But please sweetly offer to the ‘rest of your family’ that you are more than happy to plan a party hosted at THEIR homes, and invite the juvenile terror brigade to ensure they get to experience the joy of their energy.” Another user suggested having a heart-to-heart with Dave. “Since you and your cousin were so close that you talk to him about the kids behaviour, it just might mean something coming from you ya know? I find it hard to believe that he doesn’t realize that their behaviour is unacceptable, but to give him the benefit of the doubt without him ‘knowing’ the reason why his kids weren’t invited, it’ll just lead to more problems for you whenever you host parties.”

Many, many people chimed in to say that the Reddit user was absolutely not in the wrong for making this decision. “Your cousin is being unreasonable and needs to start taking responsibility for those kids before someone gets seriously hurt and it’s not ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ anymore,” someone noted. Another added: “Uh…Your house, YOUR rules! I wouldn’t let unruly people in my house, either! You were justified in not inviting them.”

How would you handle a situation with family members who have misbehaving kids?

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