This Mom-To-Be Disinvited Her MIL From the Hospital After Giving Birth & Her Reasoning is Beyond Justified

A mom-to-be took to Reddit to share her complete frustration with her mother-in-law — and get some much needed advice. Ever since her MIL entered into her life she has become very involved. Too involved. She is critical of her career and thinks she should be “taking care” of the house. Once the Reddit user became pregnant, the MIL was mad that she wouldn’t have a gender reveal party and offered unsolicited feedback on her birthing plan.

Now, the mom-to-be and her husband have settled on their daughter’s name: Frankie. The MIL absolutely hates that choice. “She seemed almost angry that we had decided to give our baby girl ‘a boy’s name.’ I told her that we had made up our mind and the name would be Frankie. She huffed and groaned and asked us to at least reconsider but we said that we weren’t budging.”

The complaining kept going, from texting nonstop to phone calls. So, the mom-to-be made a choice. She wasn’t going to allow her MIL in the hospital after she gave birth. She’s terrified that her MIL will somehow convince her to change the name while she’s in a vulnerable mindset. “MIL flipped out, called me an inconsiderate b-tch for ‘not letting her see her first grandchild’ when I was letting everyone else see her. She then turned to my husband and said that he was an idiot for ‘marrying this woman,’” she recounted.

Her sister-in-law agrees. She insists that the pregnancy hormones must be effecting her decision. The user turned to Reddit to find out if she’s TA here.

Reddit rallied around her to reassure her that she made an absolutely justifiable decision. “MIL from hell. My sympathies,” one person wrote. “[Your] husband has to stand up for you and demand she minds her own business. She is bringing unnecessary stress to both of you. Your babies name is none of her effing business and tell your husband it’s his responsibility to tell her.”

Others chimed in to say that her husband should really be doing the heavy lifting with his mom here. “Where is your husband in all this? He’s now in charge of MIL. He tells her that she’s meeting the baby at home because of her non stop badgering. He tells his sister to stop escalating this ridiculous fight,” someone commented. “This is great preparation for having a two year old. NTA.”

Some thought that she was being potentially paranoid about her MIL getting her way with the name while in the hospital — but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t stand her ground. They encouraged her to stick with her decision. Others shared their own negative experiences with their MILs, and how they dealt with it.

“As some who has a crazy over bearing MIL set boundaries now and don’t budge,” a user noted. “Every time I have given an inch, she takes it to the extreme. Protect your family. Your husband needs to step up also.”

What do you think about this situation? Can you relate?

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