This Ingenious Baby Bottle Is a Win for Both Sides of the Great Bottle Debate

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Like nearly all baby gear products, there are a lot of varying opinions about what is the “best.” When it comes to bottles, there are debates over sizes, nipple shape, and bottle shape. (After all, you want it to be comfortable in your hand.) And then there’s the debate over materials. Bottle-feeding parents typically fall into two distinct camps: those who prefer plastic and those who stand by glass.

Those who use plastic typically choose it because it’s lighter, cheaper, there are more options, and it’s more durable. Those who prefer glass usually reach for it because there are fewer chemicals, it’s more environmentally friendly, they’re more long-lasting, and they’re easier to clean.

Well, Chicco — the long-trusted baby gear brand — thought, “Why should parents have to choose?” And so they invented the ChiccoDuo Hybrid Baby Bottle. It’s glass on the inside, meaning it’s easier to clean and breast milk and formula won’t come in contact with chemicals. And it’s plastic on the outside, meaning it won’t break. And we really mean that. We knocked one off counters and rolled it down hardwood stairs and it withstood it all.

As Chicco says, it has the “purity of glass and the strength of plastic.” Plus, it’s dishwasher-, bottle warmer- and electric sterilizer-safe.

The Duo is sold in 2 packs of 5 ounces or 9 ounces. Chicco also sells a starter gift set with two 5-ounce bottles and two 9-ounce bottles, two stage 1 nipples, two stage 2 nipples, and two pacifiers. And then there’s the deluxe set which has three of each bottle, three stage 1 nipples, two stage 2 nipples, and two pacifiers

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