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This Fitness Star’s Side-by-Side Photos Show How Misleading Instagram Can Be

Don’t get bummed out over the perfect bodies you see on Instagram! Fitness stars Eileen and Gilian Reichert (a.k.a. Om Twiins) posted side-by-side pictures on Tuesday, September 11, to show how posing in a shadow can erase cellulite.

In both images, Gilian, 26, wears a skimpy cutout swimsuit and stands with her back facing the camera. The image on the left appears airbrushed, while the one on the right looks natural — and it all comes down to lighting.

“Before we used to avoid the sun when taking 📷  cause it tends to accentuate cellulite and stretch marks,” the Mexico-based sisters explained in their caption. “But now we embrace our bodies in every light!!! No more hiding and avoiding something that is natural AF.” 

Gilian and Eileen also encouraged women to “love your body and night!!!”

It was a message that many people needed to hear. “Thank you for the reminder,” wrote one fan in the comments. Gushed another: “You two are such an inspiration! Thank you for keeping it real & #bodypositive.” A third was shocked to see that Gilian’s derriere wasn’t completely smooth, writing: “I swore ya’ll had no cellulite!”

The vegan personal trainers boast more than 66,000 followers on Instagram. In an April interview on TwinningStore.com, Gilian revealed that “Eileen was always called the bad/fun twin” and she was the “good/boring” one. “This separated us, boxed us and we kinda lived up to the labels,” she noted. “Thankfully we found balance and we enjoy doing everything together again!” 

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