This Convenient & Soothing Portable Sound Machine is Perfect for Traveling With Your Little Ones — Now Only $21

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Every parent has been there: you’ve just about gotten your baby to sleep — finally — and then a random noise jolts them right back into consciousness, and you’re back at square one. Or you’re faced with the conundrum of having to stealthily ninja-crawl or slither like a snake to leave their room, because you know that even the tiniest sound will make their eyes fly open. Kids’ nap time, though blissful when it’s done right, can also be a major source of parental frustration. But we know it’s something we can’t do without … or else. Hell hath no fury like a sleep-deprived toddler.

So if you’ve never tried a sound machine to make nap time and bedtime a breeze, you need one in your life. It’s the baby sleep hack every exhausted parent should have in their arsenal. And thanks to this can’t-miss Amazon Prime Day deal on the Frida Baby
2-in-1 Portable Sound Machine + Nightlight, you can get one of the best — for only $20.99. (Not an Amazon Prime member yet? Sign up HERE to snag the best Prime Day deals!)

This portable sound machine features 5 soothing sounds, so you can select the one that relaxes your baby the most: pink noise, shushing, heartbeat, nature sounds, or waves. It doubles as a nightlight, with three different levels of brightness — enough for you to see, but not so much that it disturbs Baby’s precious sleep.

It’s USB-rechargeable, but has an overnight battery life so you can rest assured it’ll never run out of “juice” at a critical moment. Best of all, its compact size and attach-anywhere strap make it easy to hang from a stroller, car seat, crib, or door handle … which makes it absolute perfection for travel. Not only will your little one have the power of the sound machine to help them drift into dreamland no matter where they are, but the sounds will be the same familiar sounds you use at home.

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But don’t just take our word for it — parents are raving about this sound machine, with over 1400 near-perfect ratings. ” This is game changing,” says one review. “I love that it charges fast and the battery lasts long. The nightlight is great and doesn’t bother the baby at all. It has traditional white noise and other noises too. I love it, I can turn it on and be on my phone without worrying about a phone call disrupting the white noise or anything.”

Another reviewer loves how great the Frida Baby sound machine is for travel: “If you’re traveling with a baby I highly recommend! This got so much use during our recent trip. We used it during our stay for naps and it hooked right to the pac n play, has good volume too. Also used often during our travel days on the plane, and even helped my baby sleep in the carrier during our entire wait going through customs/immigration. Having the strap made it easily accessible since we could just hook it to the outside of our diaper bag and didn’t have to dig through heavily packed bags.”

It’s 30% off right now, and there’s never been a better time to upgrade your baby’s sleep … but today is the last Prime Day for the year, so be sure to snag the deal before it’s gone!


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